In which Bunty and Lola discover Royale Icing

” I can only just keep a grip of the icing rod Lola- it’s power is growing!” shouted Bunty through the flurry of snow that fell quicker and quicker dancing madly into their eyes making it harder to keep to the track through the woods.

Miss marble wheezed and staggered wildly into snow drifts tortured with indecision as to whether she should leave behind the heavy bags of marzipan animals she made almost constantly to relieve stress knowing she would never see them take their rightful place in the Cake Palace.

“Quiet!” shouted Lola

They stopped and listened

“What is it?” gasped Miss marble

“The wolves have stopped, which means they are either devouring Sparky or we are here”

At that moment the snow stopped falling and like suddenly finding Shangri la in some tawdry B movie the clouds parted and the glistening dome of the Cake Palace could be clearly seen.

“I suppose Sparky is still alive then” said Lola in a disappointed voice.

Bunty and Miss marble positively salivated as they took in the madly Rococo architecture  the smooth shining icing extending as far as they could see. They crunched over the virgin snow which seemed to change into puffs of icing sugar the closer they got.

The overwhelming feeling of being the sole inhabitants of a wedding cake made Lola very uneasy. Not only did she find all things sweet abhorrent but the swirling sugar was being snorted in by Bunty and Miss Marble and they were behaving like drug addicts . Racing around like  school girls giggling at the slightest thing. The icing rod flew out of Bunty’s grip and implanted itself like King Arthur’s sword into a pillar at the front door.

Lola slapped Bunty and Miss marble very hard.

It was quite satisfying,

Bunty resumed control though and resisted the urge to suggest finding the kitchen and making cup of tea and eating a sticky bun. Lola didn’t look as though that was worth mentioning.

“OOH I don’t know what came over me” bunty sighed ‘ I felt giddy as a girl on my first pony jumping over a double bar for the first time and winning the Gymkhana.’

“Not as giddy as them either” said Lola pointing at a pile of figures standing in the courtyard they found themselves in.

Bunty poked one and licked her finger ‘Russian Royale icing, with a vodka base, fudge layer and meringue topping with sprinkles of desolation if I’m not mistaken” she looked very pleased with herself.

‘I’ll take your word for it” said Lola peering at one that looked like Lloyd George or Doctor Who it was hard to be precise with the amount of fudge.

Miss marble sniffed, not wishing to be out done she said she doubted Bunty’s insistence on Russian Royale icing and that it was more akin to the type made in the Balkans.

‘You take that back ” spat Bunty highly offended

“shan’t’ shouted Miss marble who was still under the influence and ran at Bunty with one of her marzipan animals (a gruffalo).

Bunty grabbed it and squashed it into a formless blob

Miss marble let out a high pitched wail.

Lola slapped them both again, she was quite enjoying herself when a figure appeared in the doorway.



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