Divining rod

“What’s that noise? ” yelled Lola above the din of the engine. “It sounds like choking.” Bunty adjusted some knobs and twiddle some levers but there it was the unmistakable sound of choking mixed with some rather choice expletives.

“It’s coming from the boot, we will have to land.”

Back on terra firma Bunty threw open the boot and hauled out miss marble purple in the face clutching Bunty’s prized icing whip. Gradually the choking/cursing subsided and the redoubtable miss marble waved the icing whip about until Bunty rather unceremoniously felled her and wrestled it off her.

“Don’t you know what you have here gasped miss marble!”

“I should jolly well think so you crazy old bat. It was passed down through the family along with some very original recipes” harrumphed Bunty

Lola hoped at this point Bunty would not bring up the long and interminable stories of the Romany creams and other biscuits of note that were almost a devotional prayer to be intoned at regular intervals otherwise something awful will happen. It always started with .. “I’ll have you know..”

“I’ll have you….”

“Not now Bunty!” Shouted Lola

Bunty and miss marble, startled by the outburst lay off the cat fight and Bunty stroked the icing whip in a calming way while Sparky who had climbed out of the car covered in sable furs attempted to catch their attention by hopping from one foot to the other waving his arms about.

Lola and Bunty both shouted “WHAT” as they didn’t like being disturbed while they were mid Bunty and Lola ing.

“Just thought you should know a small shuffling figure smelling faintly of pee just ran into that wood.”

“I thought we hadn’t seen the last of her”. Lola slapped the boot shut and with a temporary truce drawn with miss marble they decided to get their bearings.

Miss marble mentioned that the icing whip was reputed to act as a divining rod for the lost palace.

Bunty, as custodian of the whip held it out and turned 360 degrees to detect any vibrations. The Siberian wind whistled and sang an old tune on the whip. Miss marble and Bunty  settled into a reverie the song carried on humming of wonderful cakes. Sparky and Lola looked at the pair of them untouched by the siren song. It was just as well as a pack of wolves tame as kittens came amongst them and settled down to listen. Sparky and Lola edged into the car and slowly drove it right by Bunty and miss marble.

“Get in you pair of frangipane fairies ”

Bunty and miss marble startled out of their trip into sugar coated crazy jumped into the car as the wolves returned to the slathering beasts they were before.

“Which way then?” Lola said

Both Bunty and miss marble pointed in the same direction.










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