And then there were none.

Miss Marbles looked incredibly put out that Lola and Bunty had again thrown themselves into her story . She had been mentally totting up the royalties not to mention an endless supply of Battenberg cake as agreed as a finders fee. She must not let slip any information to that Bunty one; Lola had an utter disregard of all manner of confections but she was still tricky.

Bunty had already started to overheat at the thought of something so magnificently toothsome and also potentially the denouement of the Tenna lady at the same time.

Lola however had taken the trouble to reload and persuaded Otto to open the carriage door of the speeding train and then had deftly turfed him out.

Several passengers shuffled out of the carriage  leaving only Lola, Bunty and Miss Marbles in the First Class dining room.

Bunty sidled into the space next to Miss Marbles on the leather Chesterfield . It was slippy and she squeaked against the grain of the leather. Miss Marbles moved her notebook away but not so quickly that Lola didn’t manage to instantly pick it up and thumb through it.

“Give that back at once!” she thundered

Lola ignored her and started to read out loud. ” 1. Must investigate reports of sugar trails found on mountain pass next to railway. Also glace cherries photographed on fur of passing bigfoot. 2. Buy more wool. 3. Avoid at all costs Tuffmuffin girl and weird friend. 4. … Well I say Bunty who is this weird girl you have been hanging about with?” said Lola as she tossed the notebook back.

” I didn’t know Bigfoot  liked cherries, I’m not keen unless ensconced snugly within a fruit cake.” mused Bunty

“Of the travelling cake you mean, but don’t forget the wonder of a good Cherry Genoa!” replied Miss Marbles. Bunty nodded enthusiastically and after that Lola rolled her eyeballs several times in their sockets as Bunty and Miss Marbles bonded over cakes they have known and loved.

As the train rattled on Lola formulated a plan to lure the slithering darkness aka Tenna lady to the cake palace. The thought of a razor sharp slice of spun caramel piercing the evil seemed poetic. It would of course screw up Miss Marbles plans of revealing the forgotten palace to the world and no Battenberg reward cake but looking at her dumpy shape Lola thought it was, after all, a good thing to deny her.

Bunty came up to Lola and hissed ” Guess what Miss Marbles has decided it would be better for us to work together and she will share her Reward Cake with me !! ” Bunty almost skipped away with glee

“Bugger, ” thought Lola



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