The Smoking Gun

There was a series of explosions and screams then the lights came on again; Valkyrie and the waiter were dead and Lola was holding  a smoking gun.

“Oh not again!” said Bunty as Lola stared in disbelief at the ancient, but rather decorative weapon in her hand, with which she swiftly lit her cigarette.

Unfortunately for Lola, her distant relative was now a member of the KGB and a warrant for her arrest which occupied volumes had built up over the years and there was quite a price on her head which was enough to tempt the impoverished aristocrat to bring her to justice.

He reached inside his coat to retrieve his weapon, realising only too late that his rare edition Faberge pistol was in Lola’s hand.

“i know what you’re thinking Otto, you’re thinking, “Did she fire two shots or three?” Well, in all this excitement, I’ve completely lost track. But this is a Faberge pistol, the most decorative, and expensive hand gun in the world, so you have to ask yourself, punk, do I feel lucky?”

Otto quaked in fear as Lola cocked the pistol, there was silence for a moment before the empty click of a blank report.

“Oh don’t be silly Otto,” said Lola, “you’re not worth the lead, anyway I think it would take silver to do you any damage.”

Otto wiped his brow with a handkerchief.

“But Lola,”  said Bunty, “what on earth is going on? I expected murder on the Trans Siberian Express but who on earth is the killer? Is it like in Agnetha Crispy’s novel where they all did it?”

“I don’t think so.” said Lola, renewing her lipstick, gazing into the barrel of the gun, “I smell a darker, more sinister foe; I smell the Tenna Lady!”

“What on earth are they talking about?” cried a voice in a crotchety tone,  it was none other than Miss Marbles, legendary cake detective.

“I say!” said Bunty, “Miss Marbles what are you doing here?”

“Oh, it’s you two silly girls again.” said Miss Marbles, “Well, if you must know, I’m investigating the legend of the  Imperial family palace cake-a palace made entirely of cake and spun sugar”

“Oh for heaven’s  sake!” spat Lola,  “There are two people dead! Although one admittedly was Valkyrie, who no-one liked and the waiter was a bit rubbish.”

“Lola, you fail to see the point-or rather the pointy.” said Bunty pointedly.

“Miss Marbles,’ asked Bunty, “Is it fair to say that this palace has spires and other such architectural features-should it exist?”

“Yes, how did you know?” croaked Miss Marbles.

“A good guess.” said Bunty.

At last they had a lure where they could trap the Tenna Lady, which would be ever so much better than the button silo.

However, it didn’t explain how Lola ended up holding a smoking gun.






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