Tales from the Crypt 2

Lola and Bunty crept  further into the Crypt. It had been lavishly reworked, swathes of purple velvet hung from the rafters and plump cushions artfully placed into little nooks and crannies gave the air of a trendy night club rather than a gloomy crypt.

“I’ll give Bertie aka Reggie his due he knows how to do up a room” said Lola settling herself among the cushions as they sighed and gave way to her pressure.

Bunty eyed them with some misgivings. “Well that’s as may be but he is still a tricky cove”.

“I know and what’s more he knows a lot about the goings on with Bingo and your ex Bunty, there is more to tell, I bet you didn’t know what the Major got up to in those days did you? Chances are he probably swiped all those cursed jewels we had trouble with,”

Bunty went very quiet and Lola noticed that she looked just a tad guilty. Not the usual caught in the act demolishing the last cream horn type of guilty but altogether more serious type of guilty.

“Out with it” said Lola shoving a handily placed wrought iron toasting fork at her.

Bunty sighed, the candles guttered and she decided she had better confess little realising that Bertie, who will be known only as Bertie from now on was listening intently behind a suit of armour delightfully displayed sporting an ermine cloak and hand knitted fluffy mittens.

Bunty settled down and told her tale,

“It was a dark and stormy night when the Major returned from one of his many campaigns and he was very over excited about something. He said he would tell me all when he had changed and we arranged to meet at dinner later on. He spent hours unpacking in his rooms with his batman, Robin. Anyway after dinner he settled down with his cigar and a box that he had brought down. I sat next to him and thought he was going to get frisky so I had my knitting needles at the ready. But he opened the box and there were a rich assortment of jewels. rubies, diamonds, a huge emerald and one he picked up and told me it was the most feared jewel in the whole of the Indian sub continent. he said it had belonged to a feared sect and that he had prized it out of a statue and he only just managed to escape with their curses ringing in his ears. He just laughed at them and told me he was going to sell the lot and he didn’t care a jot about curses.” Bunty shook her head at the thought of it.

She continued, ” The very next day he fell in the thresher, that showed him, I said to the police”

“Now Bunty I was always of the opinion that you might have assisted the thresher in all its works, and who would blame you.” said Lola idly sword fighting with the toasting fork and taking playful jabs at the suit of armour. She thought she heard “Ow that hurt you bitch” but turned her attention back to Bunty.

“Well he did get rather over excitable and I rolled up a newspaper and punished him like the pet dogs but it only seemed to get him more worked up and the next day while we were out in the fields he started again and it was too good an opportunity to miss and a curse is always useful.”

Bunty finished her tale and Lola said “But did he mention ..Her?”

“Oh yes for she was the one who issued the curse, I read his diary and the description is identical.”

“But how did the jewel disappear?’ said Bertie who stepped from behind the armour?




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