Relative business

Bunty rang the bell again and this time a severe looking servant dressed in black robes with funny squiggles all over it came in bearing an iced edifice. It was a gingerbread house set amongst a churchyard with a gallows in one corner and painstakingly made figures with pins in them. The figures bore striking resemblance to Bunty and Lola. Bunty thought it was in poor taste and perhaps not the best example of a cake show stopper she had seen but thought that on biting the head off one of the figures it was quite tasty in a macabre treacly sort of a way.

“This was delivered to the castle for you by some person, madam.”

Bunty took it and asked the servant to remove the orange haired monkey that was hissing in a corner.

“That’s not a monkey Madam” he said laconically

“That’s Aileen, the servant wench, procured from a catalogue some months ago. She isn’t trained yet unfortunately as she won’t mend clothes or pass by the turret rooms but she is learning.” He glared at Aileen and swung a cord laced with buttons at her. She snivelled and ran out of the room.

Bunty suddenly felt rather chilly although she sat in front of a blazing fire. She asked for Lola’s room.

“The next one on the left Madam” he left.

Bunty chewed on the gallows furiously while she processed the thought that their nemesis might have been hiding in the very place they would never have thought to look.

Lola slammed her door open

“You will never guess!” they both cried in unison

Lola described how she had shoved the bogus servant down the ancient garde robe and heard a gratifying splash but somehow the creature had emerged in Bunty’s room. Bunty also said that she had seen some strange blonde blob shaped thing  emerging from the vicinity of the Daimler muttering  that she was Lola’s besty buddy  and no one else was and she was going to be her precious friend.

Lola looked distinctly put out.

“She must have been in the boot, making all that noise. really Bunty you decide to be ‘nice’ just once and the next thing you have a psycho on your hands.”

“Well she will have to wait, you can tell me what you did that was ‘nice’ it will make for an entertaining evening sometime but right now we need to sort out .. you know.. her.”

Lola said she would summon the relatives and apart from collecting some family trinkets she kept there they would hold one of their meetings to deal with know..her.” There was a clap of thunder and a rattle of chains and the sound of a badly played organ coming from downstairs.

“Sounds like Reggie is home!” laughed Lola and she gestured to Bunty to follow her downstairs.

Bunty thought Reggie sounded more like a polo playing chap from the Home Counties who pinched a girl’s bottom given half a chance and then got a fourpenny one for his troubles but that wasn’t the sort of chap at all that greeted them as they entered the Drawing room.



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