The Howling

They had of course landed in the mountainous regions of Transylvestite the seat of the Gefilters, aka the Schleppings.

Lola considered the fortunes of the Gefilters to be new money; that is only several thousand years old and kept in huge underground vaults in chests in coinage that bore the imprint of kings, queens and emperors of ancient mythology, jewels, plate and armoury which was the loot of legendary battles fought between mighty foes; in other words the Gefilters were loaded.

Transylvestite does not appear on many maps, which is just as well as Bunty and Lola wouldn’t have found it.

Matzo Ball  Castle, in the region of Schmaltz, was one of the more recent versions of the  pile which was originally a mot and bailey affair made of wood built atop the sheer cliff which had been added to successive generations of the Gefilter-Schleppings over the centuries-or rather the same generation as they were Undead.

There was a scratching noise from the boot of the car;

“I say, what’s that scrabbling noise?” asked Lola.

“Oh ignore it.” said Bunty, “probably road kill, or air kill gasping its last, I’ll get the revolver and put it out of its misery.”

Bunty drew her pearl handled weapon and aimed, but they were interrupted by the sound of mirthless laughter.

It was becoming darker, a grey cloud drifted across a blood red moon.

“Oh hello Nanny !” said Lola.

A large, fearsome creature with arms like hams, dragging her knuckles on the ground emerged from the precincts of the castle. She looked like she ate babies and although Bunty had known a younger Lola from childhood she had never imagined her as being something as pedestrian as being born; hatched quite possibly in a nest or out of flames then eating her host…..

“Bunty stop It!” hissed Lola, “Is it penguins again or the rabbit workshop?”

“No Lola, something far more sinister.” said Bunty.

“You see, ” Lola explained as a retinue of servants crept into view, making the sign of the cross and the evil eye when they saw Lola.

“Gefilter-Schlepping young are prone to biting as we are born with teeth so the services of mountain Trolls as nursemaids who carry clubs and will put up with no nonsense, are employed. Also they are unlikely to be bothered by the male Gefilters.”

They entered into a courtyard in which could be seen clearly the evolution of the building through various styles of bizarre architecture which didn’t belong to any school that Bunty had ever encountered and some of it was made of skulls.

Eventually they came into a great hall which had chandeliers made of skeletal remains, but also fluffy scatter cushions in nooks, scented candles and cut out ornamental letters saying things such as “Home” “Cosy” and “Death To All”.

“The Schmaltz Gefilters are a bit…different.” said Lola, looking embarrassed at the cushions.

The ladies followed their trunks to their suites, giving no more thought to the noise coming from the boot of the Daimler as it was dragged into the stable block and shut away in the dark; there was a muffled howl.




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