A wedding is announced

After the cathartic process of eliminating harpies Lola felt the need to take time out to recoup and re energise. She decided to have a well earned rest and took to her chosen domicile, a cave in deepest Yorkshire writing poems and singing mournful transelvestyte songs with passing badgers. After some weeks she emerged found a phone box and phoned Bunty.

The harsh sound of the telephone roused Bunty who had chosen a different path to happiness by spending afternoons at the cinema watching films. The local cinema had been running a Marx brothers retrospective season and Bunty had found the films very instructive. She couldn’t work out why other people found them so funny. The one with the moustache was obviously a very good lawyer and she thought she would get him to write up a contact for her or do her will.

She picked up the phone, she knew it was Lola because it rang in a very Lola way.

“Hello Lola, how are we?”

” I’m not the Queen for goodness sake Bunty, I’m fine. Ive decided to embark on matrimony and you must be there!”

“Well that’s a turn up, who is the lucky fellow?”

“I’ve not decided yet, that is a mere detail but I will need help with wedding things, come round in an hour. I’ll have sorted a groom out by then.”

“Righty ho, where are you presently?”

“In a phone box but on my way to my property in Minge”

“On the way.” Bunty put the phone down. She packed her bag, this was going to be a two caker. Deciding after some thought on the ever trustworthy Victoria sponge and the more flighty lemon drizzle. She got into the Daimler and backed out of the garage cursing as she drove through the garage doors forgetting for the second time that day to open them first. The faithful Branwell waved at the disappearing Daimler as he reached for the two by two to patch them up again.

Bunty arrived at Lola’s just as she saw her waving a pitchfork at some chap who looked a bit familiar. Lola corners him in the stables and shut the door on him.

“Hello Bunty, just in time, I’ve got the groom, he came to repair some implement in the house. The housekeeper sent for him and it seemed to good to miss.”

Bunty said “Isn’t he the electrical chap, sure we came across him in one of our adventures.

“Sparky! your right, Ive had a thing with him before.”

“Well that’s all right then, what do you need then, a dress? ‘

“No I have that it’s hanging up across two rooms upstairs….It’s the train, rather long but so effective. No it’s the other elements to the ritual, something borrowed, something blue.”

Bunty undid her bag, removed the two cakes, took a bite out of each and then brought out with a great flourish a large elaborately carved wooden leg with a carved and coloured blue sock and mary jane type shoe.”

Lola took it from Bunty and said “perfect! That will set my outfit off exactly”

Bunty was very pleased and as they sat down to discuss where and when they heard banging and whimpering coming from the barn.

“How sweet, Lola said , he just can’t wait!’


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