“Listen carefully I will only say these once”

Tempting as it was to sally forth with their lovely new toy Branwell had obligingly made for them Bunty thought for greater chance of success a little skullduggery might be the order of the day.

“Lola, I have an idea, It involves you playing a part, one that I know you can accomplish with aplomb, but I think it will add to our success.”

“If it involves playing a part can I choose the costume?” said Lola instantly ready for whatever Bunty proposed.

“I want you to infiltrate the enemy, think of it as being in the Resistance, you will probably need a beret, a macintosh and some others to join your ‘cell’.”

Lola liked the idea, beating them senseless with the Trebuchet was pretty high on the agenda but she liked nothing better than a bit of subterfuge.

“I know some could be turned, there are some old enemies that are being sidelined so have a grudge and then there is the ‘money man’ Lennie Lothario who could be useful.” Lola disappeared from the sitting room and returned with a fetching red beret and a dark overcoat with an Ocelot trim.

“What do you think?” she twirled about and adjusted the beret several times until she could achieve the right spy look.

“Very nice, have a scone” said Bunty, her effort in applying cunning brain cells needed refreshing in order to continue with the plan.

After two scones, half a genoa and a fairy cake with sprinkles she was ready to resume.

“So the plan is, you go in there and start spreading disinformation and generally upsetting the apple cart, get as many of those who could be turned to come over to a supposed new side that will offer them much more. I can be agent B and you can make up some code and ‘pass’ me information. We can get them to think a whole new dept is recruiting and then we hit them!”

“With the Trebuchet?” squealed Lola with delight

“Yes we will have them in such a whirl of insecurity they will start devouring each other. The Trebuchet will finish it off nicely!”

“I like it Bunty, I will have to use invisible ink and we can practice morse code. I can be found in an office flashing messages with my compact mirror!”

“Yes you can practice sneaking up to your converts saying “Listen carefully I will say this only once!”

Bunty put down her last slice of cake and stood on top of the sofa, tricky at the best of times but pretty good while holding a cup of Lap sang Souchong.

“and then Lola it will be “Let loose the dogs of war!!”

She slipped over and landed on top of the tea tray. It didn’t matter – everything was gone.

“Get up Bunty we have plenty to do and this will be such fun!


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