Seats of power

Since their schooldays Bunty and Lola, it has to be said, had tried most occupations. Bunty had been a cook, bottle washer, detective writer, biscuit baron and Lola had flitted from one thing to another like nobody’s business. She had been a very creditable torch singer and owner of a post wartime lounge bar where she had gone through several very unsuitable men. They just couldn’t keep up with her and she usually broke them, physically and mentally. The very best had been the detective agency and solving many problems with time, space and the history of mankind, although not necessarily in that order.

Bunty considered the next occupation, becoming an MP. Would Lola keep her cool or would , if goaded on some subject in the house let rip and then would Bunty have to try and help clear up the mess.

it was a tricky one and called for frantic sucking of a fisherman’s friend while Lola chattered on excitedly. The Dorking clones seemed to have been eradicated and there were enough Tuff-Muffins in the Lords who could put plans in place if it got sticky she decided as she finished the packet of FF’s as she dubbed them.

The Daimler came to a halt outside the door of a very respectable Victorian dwelling in the leafy suburbs of Twickenham.

Bunty and Lola stood at the front door when it was opened by a bewhiskered gentleman with the unmistakeable Tuff-Muffin features. Suit, tie, and bright red stilettos.

“Come in my dears, come in, my Bunty you have grown!” he added.

Lola whispered “Love the shoes, just my shade”

“Uncle Harold, Lola wants to be an MP. Do you think you could give her a hand with her speech for the selection committee” said Bunty eyeing his shoes

Harold caught her stare and glanced down, “They’re not mine Bunty, they are my friend’s, I was just being, er,  silly!” he slipped them off and put them by the door.

“She has good taste” said Lola

“So, Let’s see what you’ve got, he harrumphed and will you be a stout supporter of the government or the opposition?” said Harold sliding onto the chaise longue.

Bunty looked at Lola, here was her first decision, had she considered this very question yet?

Lola stood up and removed her expensive panda fur stole.

“Well I am surprised you ask? I will of course form my own party, It will be the Gefiltre Independent Rational Ladies Party” she decided at that very moment.

“Well you don’t need a selection speech then as an independent you can just stand at the next by-election.” said Harold

“Hoorah” said Bunty and Lola

“Better write down what you stand for ” he added

“Oh, is that boring” said Lola

“Nonsense”. Bunty said “it will be your chance to say what you would do if you were in charge”

Lola thought about it and clamping a very long cheroot between her teeth she Started on her list.

N0 1. Give badgers the vote.

Bunty nodded enthusiastically, “That’s the ticket Lola”

NO 2. Remove all tax on cake.

“That’s for you Bunty’ said Lola.

“and shoes” suggested Harold who had taken to stroking the stilettos.

“Does your lady friend want those back” quizzed Lola who was rather covetous of them herself.

“They aren’t, exactly,” murmured Harold “They’re Jimmy’s shoes” he said blushing under his whiskers.


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