Cloning Hitler

Bunty had hit upon the truth; Dorking had over the passage of years incubated his horrid skin cells in test tubes managing to extract his DNA even before normal scientists-( who actually had a right to call themselves Doctor because they had finished their doctoral thesis’s and not just told fibs and messed about with stupid things for years!) even knew what it was. It wasn’t skill but a mere accident occasioned by boats of nastiness and insanity.

He’d then injected it into the eggs of women who were stupid enough to donate them because it was for a “scientific” cause when really it was to fuel pure evil so that boring old fart Dorking could pass on his horrible defective genes on and eventually form an army of morons to defeat Lola.

Bunty espied the vile monsters with their lank black hair, pallid skin and toadish eyes and thought that she had seen them somewhere before;

“Nuremberg! I must tell Lola at once!” cried Bunty.

Lola had broken the bed; there were springs everywhere and mattress tufting and goose down filled the air-she seemed to have broken Mr Amp as well as his glasses were askew and he looked rather vacant.

“Oh don’t worry about him!” said Lola lighting two cigarettes and exhaling violently, “I’ve drained him but he’ll be fine once I plug him in.”

Bunty looked aghast.

“Oh don’t look like that Bunty-he’s an old friend from Transylvestite who was struck by lightning and now runs off electricity-he’s ever so energetic until he runs out of juice.” said Lola pulling her negligee around her.

“Lola, look out of the window.” said Bunty carefully.

Lola cocked an eyebrow and turned towards the window.

“Bunty why are those horrid greasy boys outside my house/ What do they want? Are they filthy urchins begging for scraps from their betters?” she asked.

“Look closer Lola, who do they all remind you of?” said Bunty.

Lola borrowed Mr Amp’s spectacles and peered closer.

“How horrid, they all look like miniature horrid Dorking and they have sticky out ears! What has that horrible thing been doing now-why isn’t he dead?” cried Lola.

“I think he’s cloned himself Lola-but it’s worse than that! Remember during the war when we were girls and embroiled in espionage?” said Bunty.

“I don’t know! My head hurts!” snapped Lola.

“Nuremberg!” cried Bunty.

“Oh yes that stupid man with the silly mustache who tried to kill me and all my people? What was his name?” said Lola

“Hitler!” cried Bunty.

“Oh yes, that was it, consummate bore who shouted a lot and thought he knew everything and couldn’t draw. Whatever happened to him?” said Lola.

“He lost the war Lola and died in a bunker!” said Bunty.

“How horrid!” said Lola then “Oh! oh no Hitler and Dorking are the same person! He must have discovered the Grimoire and traveled in time and space! Bunty we have to go back and stop him!”




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