old whooer street

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a gang of pre menopausal wimmin will bond to suit their own ends and thus did Lola find when she was dragged into the  crystal tower. It was a strange building, shiny, not new, but not old and it smelt of quiet desperation. The harpies screeched and simpered every time Fluffy came up with a plan. She kept changing her mind and her plan and the blond baggages tried to out do each other by agreeing with her before the others could speak. Lola glowered and threw in her second best sneer for good measure. She saw something that looked like it was Bunty’s oddly, a tweedy cardigan with cat hairs. The thinest blond harpie who had a towering fur ball of blond hair saw her looking and squealed “anything old gets chucked out and sent to the …..Hall” she whispered for effect.

True enough, Bunty found herself happily scruffling through some cat pee soaked books in the basement. she sniffed one;”Tom cat, black with white paws if i’m not mistaken” She hadn’t really fathomed how she found herself there. The holes in the ether were just too tattered and one step down the path answering lola’s telepathic call sent her into a swirling maelstrom and she found herself in this weird basement. Their lives had been so weird up to now that she had given up trying to make any sense of it and decided from now on she would go with the flow and wing it. It seemed to have worked so far. Granted there had been a few hiccups, no one is perfect. She climbed the steps and came out into a corridor that looked like it was some punishment block. She glanced into a cell and saw a moribund figure slumped in a corner. It looked at Bunty and hissed. Bunty backed away and continued along the corridor. There was something familiar about the creature, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Lola had had enough, “stop telling me what to do!” The harpies were telling her to cut her hair off and to dye it blonde and to write down all the spells she knew and lots and lots of commands or else. And to not go out or see anyone or think for herself and to do everything they said, unless fluffy said different.

Lola’s head hurt and she felt rather overcome.

“Don’t break her, I need her to write more spells that will bring me money and power and she knows how to do it. Fur ball hair harpy pouted. She had tried to write the Harpy Loads of Funds spell but she did it backwards and fluffy found out she had money taken away as a result so she needed lola who had managed to write these power spells so successfully.

Lola stopped feeling so overcome and realised she had them right where she wanted them and suddenly harpy teasing became her next best thrill. After smoking and being mean to handsome men.


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