Calling Time

Lola could feel tingling in her finger tips; she stretched out her arms and not for the first time saw sparks. Her hair stood on end beautifully in lovely coils.

“I’m inside the Grimoire; I am the Grimoire!’ cried Lola, because of course she was.

The  sparks grew into blue streams of energy which bounced around the walls of the glass dome that she appeared to be encased in.

It reminded her of the Buckminster Fuller dome which Dorking had had in his lab, and she was providing the power.

” If only I knew how to harness it.” thought Lola-and then she did-she only had to want to do something and it happened.

“How novel!” she thought and taking her literally, a list of all the novels in the Grimoire appeared written on the air in front of her-although strictly, she was in a vacuum so there was no air-but Lola had her very own rules of Physics and no-one was going to dissuade her otherwise-science had a tendency to get in the way in her experience.

“Now, where was I?” she enquired of herself, “Oh I know re-arranging all realities, alternative and otherwise, timelines and the universe-easy.”

She took a deep breath-despite there being no air-and the words of the Grimoire floated around in front of her in numerous fonts genres and periods-time began to melt.

Physicists will take great delight in telling people that time is an abstract concept-they are wrong time is a very solid thing just look at an hour glass and listen to the sand hissing through, that is the sound of time passing.

Time melted and formed a pool around Lola on which she stepped rather than sank.

It was electric blue in colour; scientists will tell you that electricity does not have a colour but they are wrong again.

Lola realised that she and Bunty were quite right all along; it is easier to do things if it’s accidental and you don’t think about it; she bent down gracefully and blew onto the surface of the time pool and a gentle ripple spread out from the centre.

Bunty felt a shiver down her spine, “Goose walked over my grave!” she muttered, thinking of the Major for some reason as certain portions of her life flashed vividly by rearranging themselves in the process.

“So that’s where we left Professor Wood!” she cried, suddenly enlightened.

The ripple began to turn into a wave whose intensity increased until Lola felt that she must surely drown for both she and Bunty had a shared aversion to water although they had a natural talent for floating and were impervious to long pins.

A voice in her head said “You can do anything you set your mind to Lola.” it sounded a bit like Bunty only wiser and older, and it was a voice that she believed in and had never let her down.

“Ride the wave Lola!” the voice insisted and she let herself fall.



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