Elephants All The Way Down.

“I think I can control this with my mind!” exclaimed Lola to Padraig who looked at her with his usual impassivity.

“There has been a lot of work done by scientists behind the Iron Curtain, to land planes with telepathy-and I should know-I taught them how to do it.” said Lola.

Padraig looked at her critically.

“You were not there! It’s all in my journals-there are diagrams and very hard sums and everything!” she said, “So stop looking at me like that and do something to  help!”

Bunty was quite settled with the constant supply of cake and had managed to “train” the former boxer by ringing bells, blowing whistles and witholding food and oxygen.

There was a rather unsettling rumble and she felt a sort of ping in her head as the ground shifted and she heard Lola making telepathic contact, which always gave her a headache.

Lola had become quite blue,which she often did, so it wouldn’t have been alarming to Bunty but Padraig looked slightly alarmed and was hunting for smelling salts.

“Back to the beginning!” Bunty heard,or rather felt and clutched her head dropping a rather nice cup of tea.

Padraig couldn’t hear a thing, this was strictly between the two women.

“What-St Frigid’s?” Bunty “sent” imagining the blue ray they were supposed to use.

It took longer than by telephone but it still worked rather well.

“No, the beginning of creation Bunty-we missed something-concentrate!” sent Lola.

“On what?” asked Bunty.

“Nothing.” said Lola, out loud.

Time stopped. All of creation disappeared.

There was nothing.This is something that Greek philosophers couldn’t handle nor physicists (which explains a lot) although renaissance metaphysical poets  had a good go at it, you have to give them that.

Many religions postulate that creation began with a word, vibration song in this universe-it certainly began with a sound,that much is certain,and in this case it was Bunty and Lola screaming.

It’s a myth that in space no-one can hear you scream; and frankly how would one know if one has never tried it?

They were screams of pleasure which soon turned into “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” as they had the sensation of sliding down a very big windy slide and it was ever so much fun.

“I thought there was no oxygen?” said Bunty.

“Utter rubbish!” said Lola, “Stupid scientists-besides we are in a bubble.”

“But isn’t space infinite-does it not goon for ever so long?” asked Bunty, wishing she had brought some biscuits for the journey.

“Not at all.” said Lola, “we’re sure to fall off the edge ever so soon!”

Strangely Bunty never doubted Lola’s “knowledge” on cosmology,internal combustion engines or anything really so just lay back and waited for the bump at the end. it was usually the best thing to do.

They seemed to hit something solid, and it was pitch black without stars so neither of them could see a thing, then there was a splash and a sloshing noise and they were falling again but in bright blue starlight.

Bunty gasped as she saw a series of creatures stacked on each others backs supporting what looked like saucer of incredible size streaming with waterfalls.

“Oh look!” cried Lola, Hilda Gefilter was right! It is elephants all the way down!”


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