The God Alusion

The air around them seemed to change in substance as if it were denser and it became like moving underwater as their movements slowed.

“I say Lola, what’s happening?asked Bunty slowly.

“It’s the intensified gravitational pull that the Gimoire exerts.” said Lola.

They were in a twisting passage hewn out of the bed rock beneath Schlepping Towers.

“When did you get all this done Lola?” asked Bunty.

“I can’t remember, Bingo must have been up to his hypnotising or something because I only remembered the Grimoire today after all these years. It’s very odd but then that’s not unusual is it?” said Lola.

Padraig nudged Branwell.

“I’ve known Lola for a while now, and she’s a bit strange-very accommodating and passionate about causes-if a bit vague on the detail at times, but when she gets together with her friend there seems to be something almost alchemical that takes place.” said Padraig.

“I’ve known them both since they were girls and Bunty was always, well different, but when she met Miss Gelilter or Lettuce Schlepping as she was then, then everything changed-she has a cruel streak a mile wide that woman sir, so I’d watch her.” whispered Branwell.

“Are you  a member of a trade union?” asked Padraig “And don’t call me sir, I’m a worker the same as you.

Branwell fondled his spade and guarded Bunty’s rear.

There was a buzz which sounded electrical.

“I say I bet Uncle Bingo was down here doing one of his experiments-or Dorking!” said Bunty.

“No, it was me.” said Lola, “In an alternative reality to this Dorking kidnapped me and made me marry him, and although I pretended not to listen to him, I learned ever such a lot about physics.”

She threw open a lead lined door in front of them to reveal a thick book sitting on a velvet table cloth; its cover was a blackish purple with starnge markings that could have been an arcane language, but as they approached they swirled across the page and formed the greeting in plain English.

“Greetings Lola and Bunty-it’s been a long time.”

“How can it know?” gasped Bunty.

“It’s magic and made out of stuff.” said Lola knowingly.

“You mean matter surely?” asked Padraig approaching Lola from behind.

“It’s all just stuff and the same stuff at that-I know all about creation-I was there.” she said giving Padraig a look that silenced him-it wasn’t unkind just firm.

“What do we do now?” asked Bunty.

“We open the cover-or at least I do as I am technically the author.” said Lola.

She approached it tentatively, because it was the most powerful device in the universe, and carefully opened it.

There was an explosion and a flash of light.

They were no longer under Schlepping Towers, they were inside the Grimoire, a library and labyrinth so vast it encompassed all creation and Lola was its maker.

“I suppose this makes you a bit like God Lola.” said Bunty.

“A little bit.” said Lola.

Padraig and Branwell both looked worried.


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