Socialist Tendencies

It is said that he who represents oneself in court has a fool for a lawyer, but Lola was no fool; she had grounds the length of several arms and could call several witnesses. However, most of it-apart from Dorking hypnotising her and forcing her into marriage actually gave Dorking grounds for divorcing her and taking most of her money and estates, which had been his evil plan all along.

The fact that she had not known that she was still married to Dorking was under the law not an excuse as she may still have been technically guilty of adultery.

Padraig Marshland sat in the public gallery looking thoughtful and unkempt, but clean.

Lola flashed a glance at him sitting there with his arms folded across his chest smoking a cigarette without any hands, a skill that she deeply admired. Through the fug of smoke that surrounded him, Lola admired his lovely brown eyes and long lashes but decided that he could do with a razor taking to the tortoise shell coloured fur which had appeared on his face over the past few days.

Lola wasn’t too clued up on the law and thought that simply proving that Dorking had done horrid things to a lady to the nasty old judge with the funny nose would do it-that and the right outfit.

She consulted her list; “Being horrid, pompous, trying to make me do hard sums, boring old fart, stupid wheel chair, not good enough for me by far…” a tear came to her eye as mistaken sentimentality surfaced, but she soon recovered, “Stupid marriage, I’m never doing it again!”

Bunty carried on with her knitting muttering under her breath about the Major.

Fortunately for Lola, Dorking was now very old and frail and didn’t contest the divorce as he realised that Lola was still young and lovely and decided to concede that he had forced her into the marriage against her will.

Lola was quite disappointed as she had been looking forward to her day in court, pacing up and down in a wig and gown, so she pouted a little but decided to celebrate by getting the East wing at Schlepping Towers re-decorated and to buy a new bed and some new linen.

Branwell was happily installed back at Gusset, having put the experience with the Scragg Ends behind him and was tinkering with his foliage in preparation for a big show in Cheshire.

Bunty was back at Gusset also but was uneasy about the situation with Lola and Dorking as she didn’t trust him.

Lola was once more interested in couture and French lace, but still had an eye on Parliament as she liked the idea of wearing nice hats and having a room full of men paying attention to her.

She still kept striding past the coach house to get a glimpse of Padraig and his working class aroma as she was still trying to work out exactly how she felt about him and if he had any feelings towards her other than socialist tendencies.



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