bearing up

Bunty realised that perhaps it was not the right time to tell Lola about the circus years either. Lola had paced the rug, smoked everything that would ignite, telephoned every one useful in divorce proceedings and come to a decision. She told Bunty what that was and Bunty thoughtfully removed all sharp implements for the foreseeable.

“I want a clean slate Bunty, it doesn’t matter the vile creature is not classed as human anymore so I can’t be legally married to him anyway but I want it tidy you understand.”

Bunty saw the look, and agreed. It wasn’t worth arguing, once her mind was set then that was it.

“I will go to the court and represent myself, I have a perfectly fetching suit and a designer wig – I will look quite the thing!”

Nothing could bring her round like working out her outfit bunty mused.

Branwell met the bear, this bear had one thing on its mind, it wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t pleasant and if someone had offered it a cigar half an hour later it would have smoked it.

the years in the circus had been lonely, one by one the other bears had escaped and this bear, born in captivity had been told stories by the others about escaping and how nice it would be to roam woods and do proper bear stuff like catching salmon and scratching up against trees. Only when the opportunity had presented itself and the bear took it suddenly life on the outside hadn’t been a bed of roses.

It had to find food, there were no salmon in the rivers and no bags of sweets either for that matter and suddenly being able to juggle had no use in the woods. none of the other woodland creatures would talk to him, they just blinked at him and ran off.

Branwell slowly made his escape. It would be an event that would not feature in his memoirs nor did he mention it to Bunty when they met up later.

Lola did look magnificent as she strode into court carrying a sheaf of papers.

The Judge tottered into court and was helped into his seat by the court clerk.

Lola applied more lipstick, ‘harlot red’ and snapped shut her silver powder compact.

 Bunty sat in the gallery with her knitting, she had been reading all about the French Revolution and rather wished she could have sat at the base of Madam guillotine but had to settle for a set of knitting needles and occasionally shouting “Stick it to him!”

Lola smiled appreciatively but the court ushers shushed her.

The judge wa settled at last and put on his glasses and looked at Lola down his mottled nose.

“Let’s have it then he muttered to the clerk”

“The case number 54321  Gefiltre V Dorkings m’lud

“Gefiltre, Geflitre, I know that name..”

Lola gave him a look,

” Now I have it!” stuttered the judge

“lower Gusette, a dinner party with the Tuff-Muffins” he slapped his fist on the table

Bunty stood up and pointed a knitting needle at him

“You ran over my badger you bugger!” she yelled


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