Royal blood, Royal wedding

When the Professor came back into the room and told Bunty and Lola what Max had said Lola sat down her drink and carefully applied a long thin cheroot to her pearl cigarette holder.

“Out of my way professor, it’s about time we put a stop to this!” without a another word she swept out of the room and went up to the tower to confront Max.

Max lifted his head, he could smell her coming and deeply he breathed in, almost attempting to suck her towards him, if that were possible.

She arrived, a snake-like coil of smoke preceded her but Max gave a little yelp as a pointed toe and then a red fingernail came around the door.

“I knew you would come, my Princess.” he muttered

“Now look here Max, it has been fun, at times anyway but you have just become a bit of a bore now. Everywhere I turn there you are. How many times have I killed you now? And yet here you still are. And frankly dear, regeneration or not you are not improving.”

Lola tapped her cigarillo end out on his knee, he didn’t wince.

“Lola, Lola, Lola you won’t accept your fate. This is your heritage, your birth right, to live with me for eternity. Sometimes it takes out reincarnated selves a little time to catch up with each other but we do. You have never fought me like this before. Did you not see the cave paintings? You and I were being married in Egypt, the tales of our lives became folklore across many lands. The priests followed your every command and you had rules about colours. Only the chosen ones could wear purple and you carried a great stave called General Strike that was used to quell insubordination amongst the ungodly”

While Max was talking it seemed a great fog descended upon Lola and she could see herself as she was many years before wearing sparkling garments and causing great consternation amongst those serfs that were loathsome to her.

“Yes, Yes, I remember, there was a servant called Lesbos the faerie, she displeased me mightily!”

“Do you remember my Princess what we did to her on our wedding day?”

“Why yes we took her to the top of a great tower and shoved her off”

“Max began to chant, he knew she was on the verge of remembering her former lives and she would be with him again very soon..”

Bunty had other ideas, clutching the entrenching tool she shoved open the door and landed Max such a blow with it his teeth rattled in his reconstituted skull.

“Shut your drivel you revolting little man!” she thundered and gave him another clout for good measure.

Lola regained her senses and let go of Max’s claw like hand.

“OOH bunty just in time, he nearly had me then. I can’t think of anything worse than passing eternity with him, nor having another royal wedding of vampires.”

“You know he is no good for you Lola I don’t know why you encourage him I really don’t. Men nothing but trouble! best thing the major ever did was to slip into the thresher while his shoelaces were mysteriously tied together.”

The two women descended the stairs together, muttering about men in general and how they had so much more fun without them.

“But max was always rather ..good, you know, I can’t forget that!” said Lola with a little smirk

Bunty shook her head, too flighty by half she thought.


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