Distant Echoes

“Stop it! Stop it! moaned Max as he clutched his head and writhed on the floor in pain.
Lola was beginning to regain her composure and watched with amusement as Max tumbled in the dust as he tried to filter out the myriad fleeting thoughts that ran through Lola’s mind like a relentless steam train.
“Give her some more” croaked Max, he waved his hand to the henchman who picked up the syringe and lunged for Lola.
It was lucky that the henchman, while being big and burly could do menacing very well but not so good at chasing a fully recovered Lola around the cave.
On the other side of the cave Bunty, and the others had packed up the tea-things and proceeded to enter the cavern.
“Just be careful where you are treading” said the Prof.
Bunty was bringing up the rear and looked very guilty when a loud crack could be heard.
“What was that!” said Professor Wood
“Err, I think it was this” a chastened Bunty held up a broken plate.
“Good Heavens! Let me see!” the Professor snatched the broken plate and they looked at the pieces.
“Golly that looks like Lola!” Bunty pointed at the finely painted image on the plate. It showed an elegant queen sat upon a throne surrounded by cats and she was feeding them with biscuits of some sort.
“Mon Dieu! you are right Miss Bunty, the picture of this queen she has an uncanny likeness to your friend” said Monsieur Puree.
“But what does it mean do you think? is that why she has been kidnapped? I mean it’s just not on!” Bunty was getting quite worked up and a pulse was beginning to throb on her temple. “I mean we just would like a straight forward holiday for a change, with no complications, just copious amounts of wine and some knickknacks to put up in one’s home as a reminder of a jolly time, is it too much to ask, no I don’t think so!”
Bunty had got herself into a right lather by this time and no amount of soothing noises made by Monsieur Puree had any effect.
She took a big breath and shook her head.
“It’s all right, just having a lady moment”
The Professor put the plate in his ‘mr explorer’ knapsack and chose not to make any more fuss. He knew Bunty and Lola, (although she was called Lettuce in their younger days) and certainly appreciated their more volatile moments.
Lola by this time had exhausted the henchman who could not capture her and Max had put on a golden helmet that was among the artefacts lying around in the cave. The helmet blocked Lola’s thoughts.
“Now then my queen I want you to look at these inscriptions, leave Gollum alone he won’t hurt you.” Max held out a thin clawed hand covered in age spots and cobwebs, that she found oddly attractive.
She grasped his hand and he held up a burning torch to the cave wall at one of the more intricate cave painting.
Lola gasped as she examined it.


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