The Word Press

Lola was still feeling the effects as Max beckoned to an accomplice to bring her with them. They had stopped the hearse outside a cave entrance allowing Max to glide from the dark recesses of the vehicle to the cool dank cave without suffering the torment of the sunlight.

The oafish accomplice, a burly type with scant regard for soap and water she detected, lifted her over his shoulders.

“Don’t I know you from somewhere? Didn’t you perform as ‘Spanky Mandy’ at Chez Pastiche she giggled hysterically as he snarled and bumped her along across his shoulders.

“God this stuff he had given her was good, I wonder if he would give her the mixture” she thought as reason and insanity still fought for control of her brain.

They reached an opening in the labyrinthine cave system and she could just about make out words and signs pressed into the walls. There were pictures of women, cats, and what looked like.. cakes.

“She lookslike me!” slurred Lola as she waved her finger at a picture drawn on one of the walls.

“Yes, yes it is you my pet and today you will understand why we can never be truly parted”

meanwhile the Prof, Puree and Bunty had reached the same caves but from the other side where Prof Wood had been so busy uncovering the treasures of the ancient queen.

Bunty voted that they should have a cup of tea to ‘set them up’ before they go crawling about in the dark. It had been some time since luncheon and a few bon bons were not going to keep her going for long.

To the professor’s surprise Monsieur Puree agreed. His powers of deducing also required the odd tisane now and again and reluctantly the Prof dragged out his billy can and Bunty rummaged in his box of supplies and found some pate, a cherry Genoa, some cucumber and various artisan breads.

“A veritable feast!” exclaimed Bunty and she hacked into the cake while Puree arranged tasteful slices of bread with a smear of pate and a twist of cucumber.

“Does he have any little doilies in there to place under the canapes?” murmured Puree.

“No, afraid not but I have fashioned a cake stand of sorts” said Bunty as she placed an old plate from the dig on top of a rock.

“Mon Dieu! Madame, a pardon , Mademoiselle, you are most inventive!” cried Puree.

“For Heavens sake you two just hurry up!” said the Prof somewhat exasperated. “Lola may well be in danger!”

Bunty and Puree, who had been more than once on the wrong side of Lola exploded with laughter, almost spraying crumbs over the Prof.

“What do you mean, Lola in danger?” said Bunty. “I’m more worried that Max will come running past us screaming, Lola is more than a match for him; although I am not sure about the munching bug. I’m just annoyed we can’t seem to have a nice holiday without something dashed inconvenient happening. It just goes on all the time!

More tea Monsieur?”

At that same moment Lola was indeed giving Max a hard time. He could hear her thoughts but he couldn’t take it. He may have been a vampire but he was also a man – of sorts and he couldn’t cope with the stream of unconnected thoughts that constantly ran through her head.

..”.. my head hurts, do my shoes match, I need a drink, where is Bunty, cats wearing hats, no, new wardrobe, like that colour, who is he, smells….”


One thought on “The Word Press

  1. Things i dont understand is how youre not even more popular than you are now. Youre so intelligent. You know so much relating to this subject, made me consider it from so many different angles. Its like people arent interested unless it has something to do with Lady Gaga! Your stuffs great. Keep it up!

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