A Cream Puff in a Thunder Storm

Something wasn’t quite right, thought Bunty. One minute they were heading off to find the Professor and the next they were still at sea. Had they not been in the Mediterranean then she would have thought it something odd like the Bermuda Triangle.

At that moment when all hope had been lost the roar of an engine was heard and Professor Wood appeared in a boat with a motorised engine in a wake of foam.

“Professor Wood at you service as always Miss!” he cried, and Bunty went slightly giddy with all the sugar and raging hormones, for he was still a veritable God of an historian, despite what Lola said.

When she had recovered she said, ” I say Prof! It’s jolly handy you turned up in the nick of time, Lola has come over all strange again and has been abducted by a strange man who may or may not be an old enemy, oh and a school of curiously obliging porpoises, something odd happened on the boat as well, oh and this is Mr Puree, he’s Belgian.”

“Yes, Bunty, I know.” he replied, hurling her aboard the boat. “I knew something was a foot and hired the good gentleman to protect you.”

Bunty was about to protest that he wouldn’t be able to protect a cream puff in a thunder-storm, but thought the better of it.

“Through my network of historians, I have been informed that Lola’s ex husband Max has been resurrected, as has larvae of the creature, by an evil physics teacher!” said the professor.

“Good Lord!” said Bunty, “He’d turned into a vampire before the army of badgers ate him!”

“Yes, ” said the professor, “that is why you were hypnotised into thinking you were meeting me on the boat, because vampires have that ability.”

“Oh well that explains a lot!” said Bunty.

“Now,” said the prof. starting the engine, as Monsieur Puree climbed aboard, “I know where they are heading and we can get there before them!”

Lola was still woozy, and wondered where her drink was and what was Max doing there when he was plainly dead, and why was his hair white.

“Waiter!” she cried, trying to sound imperious, but the knock out drops had made her voice slurred so wait came out was “Whayer.”

It was very dark and cold, and she wasn’t on the boat any more but in a car, or something more like a hearse-it was a hearse!

“Oh my god I’m dead.” she thought, but she was sitting upright, or rather she was tied to a seat.

“Now my dear, you don’t look very pleased to see me!” crooned Max.

“It can’t be!” she thought. “There was nothing left of him, not even his clothes!”

“I know what you are thinking!” he said, “”It can’t be! There was nothing left of him, not even his clothes!”

“Now that is uncanny.” thought Lola.

“Yes my dear, I can read your thoughts, for we are both the same, you and I!” he cried as a clap of thunder was heard in the distance.


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