Pretty as a picture?

Bunty escorted Branwell up to her room and made him take off all the make up and put on some more appropriate clothing. He emerged buttoning up his shirt and Bunty nodded her approval.

Lola had managed to persuade the local police to deport the ‘f’riends of Dorothy’ and decided to see what had happened to Lulu. She had been very quiet for some time and in her case it wasn’t a good sign. Dorking had finished his handiwork, bandaged her face up and left instructions on her notes not to undo her dressings for at least 24 hours which gave him a head start. After the surgery he paid off the nurse who assisted him , promptly packed his bags and made his way smartly to the station and even now was passing through Bavaria and downing several Pils with a local lad called Adolf.

Lola knocked on Lulu’s door and heard a muffled response. She walked in and saw the bandaged Lulu.

“You missed a very entertaining evening Lulu, One of Bunty’s many lovers turned up and enthralled us all on stage. Oh yes and she knows all about your plot to starve her to death!”

Lulu’s hands gripped the chair, her painted talons clawed at the padded arm rests and she gagged as she mouthed something unintelligible.

“What was that?” teased Lola, “can’t quite make it out, try again, no, didn’t catch that either” she left the room and returned to Bunty, pleased that she had meted out some justice.

Lola marched in to Bunty’s room and Branwell instantly sprang to his feet. Miss Lettuce as was, always made him nervous when she was a girl and he still was a bit wary of her.

“Sit down Branwell” said Bunty, she was listening to his version of events and the danger of having her mother with them.

“I wouldn’t worry about her too much” said Lola, “I’ve just seen her, dosed up on morphine I suspect and a full face lift by the look of the bandages.”

“Who did the surgery though, all the specialists were injured in the blast” asked Bunty

“I don’t know, Hereward as you know is on a train so he can’t have done it ” said Lola

“just have to ask her I suppose” shrugged Lola

“Or the nurses, surely” said Bunty

“It doesn’t really matter, once she is recovered she is on her own, it’s obvious we can’t trust her and you are better off without her” said Lola decidedly

Branwell, Bunty and Lola went back to Lulu’s room.

Two nurses were there pouring over her notes and one started to unwrap her bandages.

“How is my mother doing?” said Bunty

“We are not sure ” said one, “The doctor that did the face lift has left a very odd note, it says ‘dear Bunty hope you like abstract art'”

“Which Doctor is this?” said Bunty very puzzled

“The signature looks like Dorkings” said the nurse

The last few feet of bandages were being removed and as the last layer fell off they all gave a gasp

“How do I look?” said Lulu


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