Dorking’s Revenge

Dorking decided that he would reward Lola for her vanity; after all he had lost Miss Lovely, who was, he admitted, bloody annoying in many respects but he did not see why Lola should be walking around on this earth whilst she had died so horribly. It was an irrational desire, he knew, but those two women seemed to invite trouble.

He resolved to use as his inspiration for Lola’s new look , the Cubist paintings of that Spanish chap Picasso.

Bunty and Lola, after a shower and a change of clothes, made their way to the dining carriage of the train.

Lola ordered a pitcher of martini and a rare steak, as she declared that she felt quite anaemic after her ordeal.

Bunty looked at her hard.

“Yes I know what you are thinking Bunty,but I’m fine.” declared Lola.

“Did you know that Hereward was my first cousin and hoped to force me to marry him and convert me to a vampire to claim the throne of Transylvestite?”

“No,” said Bunty, “but are you sure that he didn’t succeed? Your teeth are looking very pointy.”

Lola’s hand flew to her compact.

“Oh god, the little beast must have performed some dentistry before we left! Now I’ll have to have them fixed again!” she pouted toothily.

“But there is a deeper plot at work Bunty, according to my investigations the mysterious patient at the clinic using the name of Charles Darwin is actually Professor Dorking and I bet he has a hand in all of this!”

“You could be right Lola,after we have taken care of Hereward we must get off at the next station and head off to the clinic. Oh, I’ve just remembered that I left Mummy there and I caused quite a mess by getting very angry and causing all the windows to implode-sorry. Also have you noticed that our powers are coming back?” she asked.

“Yes,” said Lola between mouthfuls of blue steak, “but it only really gets powerful when we are apart. I wonder if we are stuck with each other forever?”

Branwell looked at the foreign money in his pocket and wondered how much it would cost to buy Bunty a fancy ring in one of them there jewel shops. He’d looked in a few windows on his way to the clinic but they had all looked very intimidating and pricey. He did have his old Mother’s engagement ring but it was a very modest affair and not good enough for Miss Bunty who was a Lady and something called a “right honourable” which he didn’t understand.

Then he remembered that he had to protect Bunty from that mad lady at the asylum, so thought that he better get on with the rescuing business first and asked directions  for Katzenkopf.

Lulu was lying on the operation table as the mask ascended over her and she took a deep breath of the anaesthetic. The room became blurry as she fell into a deep sleep.

Professor Dorking flexed his long fingers and prepared to unravel the bandages before the operation began.


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