Midnight Express

The messages Lola was sending became increasingly frantic and Bunty redoubled her efforts. She crawled along the roof of the last carriage and attached the bullwhip to a handy section of railing running along the top of the carriage. With one great push off she lowered herself over the side and kicked in the window.

With a cry of “Banzai!” she went sailing through the window and landed on top of Hereward’s coffin.

“Eugh” she slid off and tried to undo the screws holding down the lid.

Lola banged on the lid and Bunty tapped on it “Don’t worry have you out in a jiffy”. The screws were stiff and she resorted to prizing the lid off with a claw hammer left in the carriage.

At Last the lid was wrenched off and Lola saw daylight.

“Bunty! Am I pleased to see you! ” she clambered out brushing the earth of her couture gown.

“It’s ruined! I’ll make him pay!”

“How did you get in this state?” said Bunty reaching for the cigarettes she had in her pocket.

“Thank goodness Bunty” said Lola I couldn’t stand it any longer, I need several lighting” Bunty passed her two and lit a third, Lola smoked very quickly when she was under stress.

“It is Hereward, I was about to tell you I suspected it was him but I could never find you, your darling mother kept sending you for classes or treatments. It’s worse than when we were in the Urals.”

Both Bunty and Lola were recalling their younger days more vividly now and  they were piecing together the forgotten years. it seemed finding Bunty’s mother had caused a tumble of memories to surface and they were beginning to use their latent powers again.

“Let’s get out of here anyway” said Bunty “But just to make sure pass me those screws I think our friend’s coffin needs to be more tightly fastened!”

Professor Dorkings pursued Lulu; she played a good part; her imitation of Lola was second to none. She nearly overdid ordering the nurses around but Dorkings thought she had just become more imperious with age and decided to schedule her in for more ‘treatment’.

“My dear Miss Gelfiltre, I will make you the most beautiful woman in the world!” he said as he led her into the operating theatre.

“Why Doctor, I’ll hold you to that” she mumbled through the bandages.

Branwell arrived at the station and asked the way to the clinic. His journey was wholly uneventful, he counted out the sherbet lemons and made sure they lasted. Every time their was a knock at the door of his carriage he said he was fine and to go away.

He didn’t like travel and he didn’t like his Miss Bunty going off so much. Her friend seemed to lead her into all sorts of trouble and he prefered it when they were both home at Ricketts looking through seed catalogues over a nice cup of cocoa and a digestive.

He had come to a decision while he sat on the train. He would get Miss Bunty home and ask her to marry him!


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