Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty treatments have to be painful to feel the benefit. That was what Lulu kept repeating to Bunty. She had several courses of colonic irrigation, which she found very invasive, body wraps, electric therapy, pummeling by Sven the swedish masseur and facials from Guido which were nice but he had a way of slapping her face around in a very eye tingling way after he had had confrontations with his boyfriend Pedro.

Lola found every time she went to find her friend Lulu would say “You have just missed her, what a pity, she is having treatments all afternoon.”

Lola inwardly seethed but reminded Lulu that she too was supposed to have some work done and she made an appointment with the Doctor for some ‘reconstruction’.

“It’s on me Lulu, don’t you worry about a thing”.

Lulu graciously accepted and went to discuss with the Doctor what work she should have.

“Do come in” said Doctor Foster, he was curious to discover the relationship of this disagreeable woman with Lola.

He made Lulu lie back in the consulting chair while he examined her face and probed her with questions.

“And how do you know our esteemed owner?” he whispered in Lulu’s ear.

She trembled, his breath gave her a little frisson of excitement although she didn’t know why. He was quite an ordinary little man but such eyes!

Bunty was resting, Sven had left her skin black and blue and for the first time she noticed how much firmer her skin seemed to be. She stood in her army issue vest in front of the mirror. Lola knocked and came in.

 “Thank goodness you are here I thought your mother had spirited you away” she said

“I know it has been one thing after another, I haven’t felt so many hands on me since the major…well enough about me, what have you been up to?”

“I have booked Lulu in for some facial improvements so I expect you can revert to cake while she is out-of-the-way.” Lola sat in the easy chair and lit a cigarette. “And I need you to not panic if I tell you something but there is someone here we have to keep an eye on.”

Lola waited for Bunty to ask who and together they would bound off and save the day yet again but Bunty was not listening, she was still looking in the mirror.

“See this Lola?” said Bunty clutching at her midriff, “It’s my waist I haven’t noticed my waist for years. It is working, all this exercise and stuff. I tried on my suit from Paris and it just slipped on, and it looked nice. Mummy was right!”

Those words cut through Lola like a dagger – “Mummy was right!!”

Lola’s face set rigid, this was going too far. Bunty should have been demanding to know about the mysterious Doctor and demanding vast quantities of cake but she hadn’t mentioned it once.

“Would you like to come out for cake and some tea on the terrace Bunty? I will get them to bring some Battenberg.”

Bunty’s lips quivered for a nanosecond but she replied “oh no Lola I mustn’t, my ‘legs,bums and tums’ is next and I would feel sick.”

Lola stood up, she thought her legs would give way for a second but she recovered enough to glide gracefully away before a sob escaped from her lips!


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