Face off

The train drew up at the station and the three ladies alighted. Lulu had been donated a large brimmed hat with a chic little veil that allowed her to hide her blue stained face. Bunty had made Lola find something in her wardrobe as compensation.

“Here” said Lola thrusting the hat unceremoniously towards Lulu.

“Thanks,” muttered Lulu “you can have it back later” added Lulu as Bunty gestured to her to be more grateful in the circumstances.

“Don’t bother I would only burn it” snapped Lola

“Come along you two” said Bunty briskly “I can see someone from the clinic waving to us.”

One of the staff had been sent to collect them under express orders from the Doctor as he wished them to arrive quickly.

An uneasy accord had been reached by Hereward Lictor (Foster) and Charles Darwin(Dorkings). Dorkings would allow Lictor to work on Lola and use her for his own ends and Dorkings could take over the clinic as it was most lucrative and he could experiment to his heart’s content.

The other women, Bunty and her mother fell to Dorkings to dispose of how he liked. Dorkings thought some torture involving sugar and a badger appropriate.

The ladies arrived and Lola swiftly announced herself as the proprietor and wanted the best room for her and second best room for Bunty and a room without a view for Lulu. When Lulu remonstrated Lola sweetly reminded her that she would be swathed in bandages for the most part while the Doctors reworked her face and so it would be a complete waste her having a view.

Lulu couldn’t answer this and stomped off to the terrace bar to order a vat of martini while she thought up a suitable riposte.

Bunty and Lola tried out their rooms and Lola rang the bell for service many times to test them on their response times.

“Yes Miss, can I get you something” answered a puffed out maid who had run up the stairs for the twentieth time.

“Just testing” said Lola clicking a stop watch, “Yes, you can, get me a very large G&T and my friend a cake of enormous proportions.”

“Yes Miss”

“Err, no cake for me” said Bunty, “I’m watching my figure”

Lola looked aghast but waved the girl away and looked at Bunty

“Good heavens Bunty are you ill?”

“No, just thinking of a nice suit Mummy bought me when we stopped in Paris briefly, you had passed out and there was only a few hours to spare and we popped into a little dressmakers who had some outfits in her window.”

Lola’s eyebrows lifted so high they disappeared under her fringe.

“Bunty you amaze me” she said quite displeased as to how devious Lulu had been.

Bunty was gazing out of the window and spotted someone with binoculars clearly checking her out. She did not realise it was Darwin/Dorkings who had been informed of their arrival. She stood on the balcony enjoying the attention and turned this way and that, running her hands through her hair and leaning on the balcony in a girly way.

Lola observed her antics and wondered whatever had come over her.


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