Dinner at Foster’s

Lulu stared disconsolately at her blue face in the mirror. Bunty tried several potions and creams to remove it but nothing worked. She went to Lola’s carriage and knocked on the door

“Lola, can I have a word?”

Lola opened the door and silently pointed at her lady’s deluxe travelling equipage with a broken lock and blue paint dribbling down the case.

“yes I know, mother is covered in blue paint and it won’t come off”


Lola sat down and opened some files she was looking at, she waited for Bunty to comment on her mother’s despicable behaviour.

“Lola, I hope mother isn’t going to come between us, she is a little over the top and in some ways reminds me so much of you”

Lola stared at Bunty and sniffed, she reached for a lead crystal glass and poured a nice crisp champagne into it.

“Would you like some Bunty?”

Bunty sat down and picked up another glass and held it out, Lola poured her a glass and Bunty sighed,

“She is very wearing but I would like to know more about her and the life she had with Daddy and all the parties they held at Ricketts before her ‘Argentina’ days.”

Time passed as they chatted, several bottles were opened and Lulu sat in the dark brooding over the best method of revenge.

At the clinic Charles Darwin was invited to dine with Doctor Foster. He wasn’t going into the private dining rooms without some sort of insurance though. If Doctor Foster was up to no good he wanted to be ready. A full hypodermic syringe was coming with him.

He was shown behind some dark red curtains and escorted to a small table laid for two persons. The tablecloth was of Flemish lace and the cutlery bore and individual design on the silver handles. He picked one up, it looked like a bat with claws and inset the eyes of the bat looked like small rubies.

“Interesting aren’t they? a family crest, I took these from my ancestral home”

Charles Darwin dropped the knife when he heard the voice and turned round to face Doctor Foster

“Yes they are, as you say, interesting. Where is your home then Doctor?”

He waved his hand in the air, “I doubt if you know it, a little country called Transelvestyte”.

Charles Darwin did know it, and he felt a cold trickle of sweat run down his back.

“Please sit, we will not be disturbed by the other patients. I can’t tell you how bored I am listening to fractious elderly ladies who think I can turn their tired , limp old skin into something young and vibrant. Of course I can; but I don’t think many deserve it”

His eyes glittered and he deftly removed the cork from the Chianti and poured a large glass for his companion.

“I have some new patients arriving very soon” he continued, “A very Interesting trio of ladies indeed, I wonder if you are acquainted at all? a Miss Tuff-Muffin, her mother and friend Miss Gefiltre” Doctor Foster smiled and stroked his glass waiting for the effect the names would cause.

“Damn it!” shouted Charles Darwin “Will you all just leave me alone!”

Doctor Foster was not expecting such an explosion of venom but realised that it was not so much what he had said that caused the outburst but the gathering of small woodland creatures that had lined up by Charles Darwin’s chair waiting for scraps.


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