A Friend for Dinner

At Katzenkopf, “Charles Darwin” was making efforts to get closer to the mysterious Dr Foster. He waited for him at the doors of the clinic each morning to get a closer look at the man that he believed he recognised from another institution.

Professor Dorking had technically not committed any crimes, as he had stayed at Appen Asylum voluntarily; there was the little matter of the hallucinogenic gas, but no-one had come to any harm.

He had no real need to hide from the authorities except to disguise his celebrity.

Lola decided to dined alone that evening as she had work to do on her property portfolio and some complicated plans to make. She ordered a Martini, and decided to binge and had an olive with it.

Lulu broke into Lola’s carriage and made her way to her wardrobe for she planned to strip her of her gaudy feathers; she did not know, however, she did not know that Lola’s experience with the triplets had a great effect on her and she had learned how to protect her assets.

Lulu tried to jemmy the lock open with a crow bar she had found but instead of opening the lock it triggered a security mechanism which released a jet of bright blue dye which squirted her in the face turning her the colour of a blueberry.

Lola studied the picture of Hereward intently; she knew him-not just from her school days, but earlier than that. She thought of a portrait in Transyvestite, but it was odd that it hadn’t been there on her last visit. A small boy, staring intently. Could it have been a dream? Or was there a family connection to Count Lictor now practising as Dr Death in a clinic in Switzerland.

Lulu ran screaming down the corridor that she had been blinded, causing quite some consternation amongst the other passengers until they saw her bright blue face and the concern turned to laughter.

Bunty was awoken from her nap where she had been dreaming of Branwell who was dressed as a Sheik and was transporting her across the desert on a camel to his caravan; she was quite cross as it was just getting to a good bit involving Turkish Delight and some cushions when the shrieking started.

“Oh God, what are they up to now?” she thought.

She was confronted by a bright blue Lulu with a crow bar in her hand.

“Don’t be stupid Mother you are not blind! Open your eyes!”

Lulu opened her eyes looking bewildered;

“That nasty friend of your tried to kill me!” she whimpered.

“Mother, what are you doing with that crow bar,” asked Bunty, “have you been breaking and entering?” as she was a Tuff-Muffin, if only by marriage.

“Dr Foster” was well aware that his identity had been discovered by his former fellow inmate and intended to have him for dinner that night.

He had bought a nice Chianti and had prepared a ragout of vegetables-he had something meaty in mind for the main course.


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