Doctor Foster I Presume

Lola had her own reasons for visiting Mershugganer which for the time being she was keeping to herself. She actually owned Katzenkopf as part of her property portfolio, and had been receiving intelligence that many of the rich patients had been dying at an alarming rate, even by the local standards, and had been leaving all their money to the mysterious Doctor Foster who had been engaged because of his impeccable credentials.

The former head of the clinic, Doctor Boatman had simply disappeared one night without even leaving a note; the next day Doctor Foster had appeared.

Lola looked through the letters that her investigator had sent her and a terrible thought came to her; was Dr Foster an old acquaintance?

Lulu lay in the bath sipping champagne and thought up her strategy to separate Bunty and Lola; her tactic of flattering Bunty appeared to be working; the poor girl had been denied praise all her life and was now like a sponge. Lola was another matter, impervious to insult she had so much self esteem that she could not hope to make a dent in it-but she was uncommonly vain and she wondered what would happen if she found herself without her elegant wardrobe and face paint. She had tried stealing her cigarettes and gin stash but somehow she appeared to have a limitless supply.

Bunty was unhappy; she had been re-united with her mother which was wonderful, but she hated Lola and she valued their long friendship greatly. The only option that she thought she had was to take Lulu away for a while without Lola.

Lulu did not realise that despite Bunty’s recent inheritance, that Ricketts was in need of much repair, and that once the bills were paid, she was still only “comfortably” off and by no means wealthy.

It was Lola who had paid for the trip and Lulu’s new clothes and Bunty needed their planned Ladies Investigation Agency to take off.

Lulu imagined a life of luxury after her incarceration, which she felt that she deserved and did not for a moment think that she would be living in Ricketts a life of country routine.

Lola lit a cigarette and studied the photograph of Doctor Foster; there was something about the nose that was familiar, but the sleek black hair and the piercing eyes were what gave it away, even in monochrome; it was her old demented suitor, Doctor Hereward Lictor who she and Bunty had so recently apprehended and had, as girls been responsible for his being sent to Appen Asylum-he must be out for revenge.

Bunty had made her decision; after their stay at the clinic she and her mother would go away together, somewhere modest as her budget allowed, and they would become re-acquainted. Lola could look after herself for a while, she was after all used to it and so independent that she would be sure not to care in the least.

Bunty had forgotten what disaster had befallen when they had been separated in the Urals against their will and how it had unleashed not only Lola’s, then Lettuce’s, blood sucking urges but her latent and quite destructive telekinesis.


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