mummy dearest

Bunty decided that she would wear orange more often. One of the guards had positively salivated as she squeezed past him in the corridor. She told Lola who was having a bad morning; another stash of cigarettes had gone and she was busy stuffing the tips of matches into the cigarettes to put out as bait. Bunty didn’t even bother to ask why.

“I think I might get some treatments Lola, Mummy says I have good skin just too much of it, that guard did look at me in a lascivious way so there must be something worth saving”

Bunty was looking in the mirror and preening. Lola stopped making her booby trap cigarettes and looked at Bunty.

“Bloody hell Bunty! Since when have you given a flying muffin what men think! Apart from Branwell, that is I know you two have an understanding, of sorts.”

Lola saw the effect Bunty’s mother was having on her and didn’t like it.

“That guard is simple you know he can’t help being how he is, he sees to blocked drains I believe ” she added for good measure.

Bunty was brushing her hair and trying to tame her wiry locks, she shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t believe you Lola you are just being mean; Mummy says you take advantage of me and I should be more forceful.”

Lola was outraged, they had been together through thick and thin since they were girls and in the space of a few weeks the old witch of a mother was trying to ruin their friendship.

Lulu lay on her bunk, she had adequate supplies of gin and was working her way through some interesting cigarettes Lola had hidden in her reticule. Bunty was a dear girl, with some work she would become a decent enough companion with the right training; she just had to shake off Lola.

At the clinic Dr Foster having avoided a shower of rain wrote out a list of suggested treatments to recommend to the party expected in the next day or so.

“Yes nurse, electro therapy, steam room and facials. One of the party will be undergoing more extensive work, he touched his face and mused over the most satisfying way he could exact revenge.

‘Charles Darwin’ lay under a parasol in the garden, sunlight wasn’t good for those who had undergone plastic surgery. This was the early years and the risks of melting still was quite high.

The birds hopped around his feet and scraggy the pigeon sat on his hat. squirrels had started to congregate and the other patients pointed him out and left little piles of bread and left over food from meal times.

It was becoming rather irritating, “All I need now is some damned badger to come and eat my cakes”

The train journey had continued in an uneasy silence. Lola and Lulu maintained a forced civility while Bunty was with them but as soon as she left for some reason they started making ‘remarks’ at each other. Lulu had changed tack with Bunty and was now commenting on her good points and saying things like how they should go off together, just the two of them to re bond after so many years.

Bunty was pleased she had stopped being beastly and wanted to re-acquaint herself with her mother. She thought Lola would understand.

How wrong she was.


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