Mother’s ruin

It was afternoon at the clinic, ‘Charles Darwin’ lay on a sunlounger enjoying the view of the mountains. The bees buzzed around him and the heady smell from the roses in the pristine garden at the clinic made him feel relaxed. The nurse brought him a little tray with a pot of pills and a glass of water.

“Here you are Mr Darwin, don’t forget to take them.” the starched white apron rustled as she returned to go back in and made him think of the days in the asylum when he had been tied to the wheelchair. His hands gripped the chair and he fought to regain his composure.

The mysterious Doctor Foster looked at the list of clients in the clinic. He noticed a new booking that had been added only yesterday. He smiled, how convenient a chance to settle  a score.

Bunty, Lulu and Lola took the night train from Paris. The Porter was beside himself, these women would be the death of him. There had been a constant litany of complaints from one or the other and sometimes all three. “Thank God I finish my shift at the border” he complained to the other guards on the train.

Bunty refused point-blank to share with Lulu, Lola was obsessed with making sure she was the object of lust,loathing and fear by all the men on the train as was her wont. This system had worked perfectly well with Bunty who happily left the menfolk and such like to Lola as she preferred to indulge in more solitary pleasure involving sugary objects, but with Lulu on board a constant battle for supremacy was taking place and Bunty was told in no uncertain terms that she should not call her ‘Mummy’.

They took their seats in the dining car on the first night, Lola wore a skin-tight black satin evening gown with a superb mink draped across her skeletal frame. Happy that all eyes were on her she slid onto the seat next to Bunty. The air was charged with static, mostly due to her sliding seductively across the seat which caused Bunty’s hair to stand upright when Lola touched her arm.

“Where is Lulu?” said Lola.

“She’s coming ” muttered Bunty who was studying the menu intently.

Lulu came down the corridor, Lola frowned; the carriage fell silent as she smiled and floated towards them. She had obviously taken the comments about Gilda to heart and was dressed like a Hollywood movie star. She sat opposite Lola and took out the longest cigarette holder Bunty had ever seen.

“Bunty darling, put the cigarette in will you I can’t reach it, Lola, be a sweetie and light for me won’t you”

Lola was incensed, the waiters rushed forwards and lit it for her and Lulu tossed her flame coloured hair and flirted outrageously with any man who came within hailing distance.

“Yes Bunty make sure your MOTHER has enough cigarettes” said Lola loudly.

Lulu narrowed her eyes and shot Lola a look. Bunty whispered to lola” You might as well let her have her moment Lola to be fair she has spent a long time locked up”

“You’ve changed your tune, couldn’t wait to get shut a few days ago” sniffed Lola

“I know, but I need to get to know her again and besides, I have only just got into the arguing with your mother stage. I didn’t know it could be such fun!”

As if to illustrate her point she told her mother she couldn’t order the trout as it would give her wind. As this was a blatant lie her Mother started to argue with Bunty and when a waiter tried to intervene they both happily told him to shut up and push off.

Lola felt a little pushed out and spent the evening sulking and drinking far too much gin.

“Very bad for the skin” pointed out Lulu waving the empty bottle under Lola’s nose.


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