moments with mummy

Bunty and Lola were really rather pleased to be leaving Basketcase manor. It had been all rather trying. They were used to things happening but here it just seemed to accelerate. Still Bunty had found her mother again and she hoped that she would be able to fill in the missing pieces of her childhood.

Mrs Damson had taken care of her and Gangee had been making little sweetmeats to tempt her appetite. Lola thought Bunty’s mother was very amusing until she found herself without any cigarettes and then she changed her mind about her and had to find new places to put her stash.

Each day out of the Asylum Bunty’s mother grew younger in looks and spirit.

“How are you today?” said Bunty as she sat on her mother’s bed in Bingo’s ‘room of delights’

“I’m wondering why you feel you could turn up to see me looking like an unmade bed Bunty! When did you last have your hair cut and why don’t you watch your figure” Where is your friend? she has nice clothes I would like to borrow some, where is that nice man with the chest and the whip.? It’s a long time since I’ve seen some decent eye candy. Why don’t we go shopping? Is your father dead yet? he should be, bastard!”

Lola knocked on the door and Bunty ran to open it, in the background her mother’s diatribe continued

Lola listened and said “Is she Jewish?”

“Lola,” whispered Bunty “I’m beginning to know why she ended up there, I think I may have to find a nice place for her.”

“Nonsense” said Lola “You just have to learn how to handle her”

Lola stepped into the room and gave Lola a cigarette holder and one of her best Balkan cigarettes.

“Thank you dear” purred Bunty’s Mother

“How about a nice trip into  town to visit a little dressmaker I know” said Lola

“Lovely!” exclaimed Bunty’s mother “I need to get a whole new wardrobe and my hair is shamefully long!”

“We will do the works” said Lola “Gangee will drive us and you must tell us how you came to be in that awful place Lulu, I can call you Lulu can’t I” said Lola

Bunty’s mother bounced a little in the bed with excitement. “Of course, I feel you understand me very well Lola and Bunty can carry the bags can’t you”

Bunty nodded and looked rather hurt. Lola looked back and winked at her and she knew Lola was just getting on the right side of her so they could attempt to fill in the gaps. When Bunty was first sent to St Frigid’s it was just after her mother had left apparently to go to Argentina to watch Polo. When she came home for the holidays her father just would not discuss her mother at all, and she never saw her again until this recent revelation.

Lola got Lulu kitted out in some of her clothes and she did scrub up well. They descended the stairs and Bunty had tried, she really had but whatever she did she looked like a Major’s wife off to the races.

Lulu looked at her and sighed, if only she had Lola as her daughter, so stylish and smoked like a chimney and ate very little, how perfect that would be?


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