The Bingo Code De-coded

Lola had forgotten to call the authorities but mysteriously they were tipped off anonymously by someone calling themselves a “Friend” of Bunty and Lola.

The constabulary had visited the ladies before they had done any serious drinking and managed to question them briefly about Dr D’Spaire, who had been arrested for several serious offences, and the missing patients Professor Dorking and Hereward Lictor. Far from satisfied with the answers that they had been given, the local police went away but told them not to leave the area without informing them first.

Once the coast was clear Bunty settled down while Lola revealed all that she had discovered about the code words.

“It was Bingo who was behind it all the time, ” she explained, “he came up with the idea that once people are under hypnosis, they will only do things under command that they actually want to do-they never really lose control. Before we spent that time in the Urals he programmed us so that no amount of Russian devilry could possibly interfere with our very strong wills-especially where cake, cigarettes and alcohol were concerned. So, the whole thing was a lie-Miss Honeycake stole some code words from Bingo-or so she thought! It was actually a plant as he wanted her to have fake code words!” she sat down and lit herself a cigar in triumph.

“But Lola, ” said Bunty carefully,”that does not explain the “Night of no Pudding” and the fact that you set fire to yourself and I nearly blew a wing of the house away!”

“Yes, I know!” said Lola, “Miss Honeycake was a burlesque dancer in a previous life, and as for our behaviour, it was Professor Dorking’s experiment with hallucinogenic gas! The asylum is connected to the house by a tunnel! It didn’t affect Mrs Damson as she lives in the attic and Miss Honeycake was gagged!”

“Professor Wood?” asked Bunty.

“He was in the other attic!” said Lola.

“Well I suppose it does make sense, but why can’t we remember being in Russia?” said Bunty.

“Bingo deprogrammed us when we got home, but we were never to come in contact again in case the “Bad Things” started up again.” said Lola.

“Then maybe we should part again?” asked a slightly tearful Bunty.

“Don’t be silly,” said Lola, “it’s not our fault that we attract strange people, and there is still something behind all these coincidences that we have not yet got to the bottom of!”

“Well that’s a relief!” said Bunty, “I don’t think I could handle mother by myself and she hates the triplets for some reason, says they are not hers!”

“Good grief I hope not!” said Lola, “Maybe they were created on a Nazi stud farm and dropped into your family like cuckoos or changelings. It would explain how blonde and Aryan they are compared to the rest of your brood-maybe you are  not the odd one out after all Bunty!”

Cheered with this thought, the ladies decided that it was time that they had a lovely holiday in a retreat in Switzerland that they had heard of called  Meshuggener Mansion; nothing could possibly go wrong with their plans.


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