Just a load of hot air

Bunty’s mother giggled, she had felt this alive for ever such a long time and as the gas filtered through the building it took hold on all those who had been exposed to it. Professor Wood left Bunty’s mother lashed to the bed and went in search of Bunty. he looked down at his feet. They felt funny and he wondered why instead of his nice cowboy boots he had developed webbed feet. “They look like duck feet, should be good if I need to swim” his gas addled brain thought.

Bunty came to, the antidote was working and she slid off the trolley. The guards and inmates were acting very strange, some of them were just sitting slumped against a wall reaching out to things that were not there. Dorkings had unlocked the cell doors and all the patients were trying to escape but acting very oddly at the same time.

“I must go back to that room and see that woman, she might be my mother or it could be a cruel joke; I must find out either way.”

She found a staircase and shoved a patient out of her way. Why were they acting so oddly? She started to ascend and thankfully met professor Wood coming down.

“Miss Bunty! Thank goodness you are safe!”

“What is going on? ” said Bunty “I know it’s an asylum but this is too bizarre and I passed out and I think my mother is here!”

Professor Wood was still trying not to look at his webbed feet and said to Bunty

“There seems to be some mass hysteria going on, it could be chemical I am trying to keep control but I seem to have webbed feet.” he tried not to look at his feet.

Bunty looked at his perfectly normal cowboy clad feet and said “No you haven’t”

“Oh good, I expect it will wear off, and if you mean a very suggestive old woman up in the turret room, well yes she could be, You do look like her. (Although a slimmer version) he thought but didn’t say.

They went up together and Bunty saw her lying on the bed, tied down with professor Wood’s bull whip.





Bunty untied her and opened the window, the room was a bit whiffy.

“It’s not me Bunty the smell has been coming through that grill”

Bunty and the Professor looked at the vent, a snaking trail of a white vapour could be discerned. The professor took off his shirt and stuffed it in the airbrick and said

“Poison gas we must get out of here!”

Bunty and her mother stuck their heads out of the window just in time to see Lola arrive on a motorcycle. Bunty waved and hallooed, Lola looked up and seemed to be waving something.

The Doctor had also seen her and despite his hallucinations that involved him thinking he could only skip and that he was a child aged 5 he made his way towards her.

“Oh no!” said Bunty “Doctor D’Spaire will get her!”

The professor looked down to see, the window was quite small and Bunty was pressed up against the bare chest of the professor. She was rather enjoying it while keeping a weather eye on Lola. She need not have worried she could see her land a good punch at the Doctor who fell down and started crying.

“I suppose we better get down there and out of this gas” said Bunty running her finger down the professor’s chest”

Bunty’s mother pushed her aside, “I’ll help him Bunty, don’t you worry”


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