Vengence is mine

It looked like it was going to be an interesting experience for Bunty, Professor Wood having been given the command to return to the Asylum looked not fearful but almost as though he was looking forward to it. He searched the manor for any remnants of his former life and came upon Bingo’s dressing up room. He dragged out of the wardrobes mountains of lace and sequins and there at the back of the last wardrobe he found what he was looking for. Cowboy boots, rough denim jacket and a bullwhip. He uttered a little cry and happily donned the boots and jacket. to round the look off he found in the downstairs closet a cowboy hat left over from one of the many visiting stars from the ‘talkies’.

He came into the living room as Bunty was busy stuffing a ladies colt revolver into her stockings.

“Oh Professor I think you look perfect” said Bunty admiring the Professor and thinking back to the days when his hair was still as blonde of ripe golden corn and the manly sweat glistened on his chest..

Slap! went Lola’s hand over Bunty’s face

“Keep to the point Bunty! I could see you going off on one again” said Lola who couldn’t help admiring the tightness of his buttocks stretching the jeans as he bent down to pull on his boots..

Wham! a slap of cold bread and butter pudding landed on Lola

“Ha!” said Bunty

The professor walked out of the room and into the car, he realised it was safer with those two. Bunty got in and drove to the Asylum.

They parked near the doors and looked up at the forbidding place. She saw a glint of light from one of the upper windows and thought someone was trying to attract her attention. An object was flung out of the window and dropped near them. She bent quickly to pick it up just as the doors opened and Doctor D’Spaire stepped out to greet her. She stuffed the piece of paper in her pocket and approached the Doctor

“Well Doctor ,what do you have for me?”

“Do come in,” said the Doctor and steered her into the building.

The Professor had hidden out of sight and once Bunty was inside he got out of the car and looked for another way in.

His loathing for the place was deep set and he was glad he had on his old clothes that reminded him of his days treasure hunting. he wasn’t afraid of anything then, except spiders; but everything else could go hang!

He tipped his hat and climbed like a cat up to a first floor window that he saw was open.

climbing in he dropped silently into a corridor. There was a funny smell, it was odd, gassy. He continued cautiously until he came to an area he recognised.

Bunty was being taken up many flights of stairs, she was getting seriously out of breath.

“I say Doctor this better be good I need to be back at the manor in an hour or else the dogs will be let loose”

“We are here now Miss Bunty I thought you should meet this particular patient” he said with a flourish as he opened the door.

The woman inside was elderly in appearance but probably due to being incarcerated for so long.

Dorkings was counting down the minutes before he turned on the gas. He had rigged it up so that it would go through all the air vents and knockout all inhabitants. He turned on the first cannister.

“Who is this?” said Bunty

“Bunty?” said the woman faintly “Is it really you , It’s me, your Mother!”

All the blood drained from Bunty and she fell down in a faint!


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