Mommie Dearest.

There was another name on the list that would be devastating to Bunty once she discovered who it was but it simply said “patient X”.

“I wonder who that could be!” said Lola, “It says here that they have been in the asylum for twenty eight years!”

“Well, that’s one of the things that we have to find out when Gangee’s elderly aunt is admitted there. I say Lola, can you help him transform into an old mad woman using Bingo’s costumes and grease paint? It’s not really my thing.” said Bunty.

Professor Dorking had planned his escape for that night, but what he had not anticipated was that the disgraced psychiatrist Hereward Lictor had been spying on him via a small hole in the cell wall and by listening through the pipes and intended to escape with him.

In a cell in  a turret in the asylum a sad patient looked from between the bars at the window-in the distance she could see Basket Case Manor. She had been looking out of the same window for twenty eight years searching for hope, wishing that one day she would see her beloved daughter again-not the nasty ones with a predilection for all things German-but Bunty, her favourite child who had been taken from her at so young an age! And several weeks ago she had seen a woman who could have been Bunty in the company of another woman with an ostrich feather hat.

She had pleaded with Dr D’Spaire for information but he had simply increased her electric shock therapy and told her nothing.

Dr D’Spaire had been hoping for years to get hold of Bingo’s system of code words ever since he took over the asylum; with that knowledge his power would be limitless!

He had tried to get the books from those blasted women but they must have realised the implications and had lied to him!

Now he would have to resort to using his most dangerous patient against them. He picked up the telephone to call Basket Case Manor.

Professor Dorking took the antidote and waited, he had every intention of walking out of the asylum that night and disappearing forever.

He had the gas canisters ready, and would begin to open them at precisely 9.00 o’clock.

Mrs Damson answered the ringing telephone;

“It’s for you Miss Bunty!” she said, handing her the receiver.

“Yes, Bunty Tuff-Muffin speaking!” she said.

“Oh, come to the asylum, without Lola, you have someone there that you want me to meet? Around nine?” she said putting down the receiver.

“Well, that’s odd!” she said, “I gather you got the gist of the conversation?”

“Yes Bunty and you can’t possibly go alone! I don’t trust that Dr, and what if he knows about our programming, Bingo may have left notes in the asylum!” said Lola.

“I have no intention of going alone.” said Bunty, “I’ll take Gangee!”

“You can’t you idiot, D’Spaire has met him in his sheik get up, he might recognise him! Take the Prof. with you instead, he used to be quite handy with a whip if I remember rightly!”


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