The secret army

The list contained not only those who were still there but more revealing those who had been there, as Lola and Bunty looked down the list of those who had come under Bingo’s influence it read like a an autobiography. Miss Lovely, Vlad, the triplets, no doubt to try to curb their wayward enthusiasm for a certain diminutive german. As Bunty read on she gave a gasp.

“Not Bramwell!” Why!”

“Oh I think that explains a lot,” said Lola sucking on a large meerschaum pipe for a change

“I don’t think you are one to talk!” snorted Bunty “I mean we have and still are at the mercy of our code words until we figure how to reprogram ourselves.”

“I don’t think we need worry though, from looking through Bingo’s notes the idea was to have a secret army to fight if times required it. I mean, the Great War, what if the Hun had been victorious, can you imagine how great it would be if people who had been living ordinary lives might suddenly turn into a fighting machine and Bingo presumably was some kind of ring master”

Lola relit the pipe and blew out a huge plume of smoke. The fire had not dampened her enthusiasm for smoking even though her overflowing ash tray had started the fire it seemed.

“Gangee, how did Professor Dorkings look, he must have had some treatments there over the years.” said Bunty suddenly

“Well Miss Bunty he sat snarling at me and the doctor but I noticed when I looked through the peephole when he thought we had gone down the corridor that he had risen from his chair” Gangee wagged his finger “I am thinking he is still a very bad man”

“He can walk!” said Bunty and Lola in unison.

At that very moment the professor was making plans for a daring escape, the gas experiment had nearly foiled him with the gas board turning up and expecting to see every gas appliance in the building. He had sat very still and read his copy of The Sceptics Times, edition 4, world on the turtle’s back expose until they had gone. But not without putting gas detectors in every cell. And then to make matters worse one of the Badger spawn and a duck show up through some crevice behind his commode!

“Can a man have no peace!” he thundered

“Shut your cake hole” came the reply from patient 54 in the next cell.

The professor hammered on the cell wall to spite him and the Badger and the duck joined in.

Now while the professor was under Bingo’s care he experimented with man’s affinity with animals and to his credit Bingo had managed to create this with Dorkings. This is why he had been dogged by animals for a great deal of his life. He didn’t much like them which made Bingo’s experiment even more successful. Animals didn’t like him very much either but they were drawn to him.

“Even locked up I can’t get away from you” he snarled at the badger and duck.

They looked at him and jumped on his bed. the duck tipped up his water jug and he leapt aside as the water ran down to an electrode he had fixed up to his wheelchair.

“You stupid duck, you could have killed me!”

The duck looked very hurt, the badger curled it’s lip in a snarl and looked as though it would pounce.


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