Gas and badgers

Lola had forgotten that she had sent Mr Dorking to fetch Professor Wood, (not Woods as Bunty kept calling him.) as she was in a bad mood.

The duck was waddling and coughing which was not a good sign.

“Look!” said Bunty in triumph “I told you it would work! A bird is a bird after all!”

The duck, who Bunty fancied as a pet and had decided to call Trump, was promptly sick and collapsed.

“Marvellous Bunty!” said Lola, “We have a tunnel that leads to a chamber that’s full of poison gas. Get out!”

Bunty picked up Trump and shooed the badgers out, but in the rush they forgot about the Professor.

Lola was about to light a cigarette when Mr Dorking knocked the lighter out of her hand in a bound.

“Bloody stupid mammal!” she cried.

“No Lola, he’s very clever! The gas might be explosive! We might have hit the main!” said Bunty.

“Best let the Prof. know then.” said Lola sticking her cigarette behind her ear for later.

“Oh, I’d forgotten about him!” said Bunty, “We seem to do that rather a lot!”

Bunty sent Mr Dorking after the Prof. as badgers, possibly because they are used to being gassed by horrid people when they are in their sets, seemed to be immune.

After a few moments Mr Dorking dragged out the unconscious body of the Prof. out of the folly.

“Best phone the gas board.” said Lola, disappointed that their adventure had been forestalled.

Unknown to them, Professor Dorking was experimenting in his cell with noxious mixtures which ducks happened to be averse to, in an attempt to gas the wardens and escape.

Back at the Manor, Trump had made a full recovery and was swimming in the punch bowl that Bunty had filled with water and Mr Dorking and his offspring were enjoying a nice bowl of tea and some Swiss roll.

Gangee had returned in the meantime and had an inventory of the patients at the asylum; he advised the ladies to sit down and poured them both a stiff drink as they would be shocked by the news that he had to give them.

Professor Dorking was hoping to create a gas that produced harmless hallucinations so that he could slip out in the chaos that ensued; he had created an antidote so that he would not be affected. He was just making a break through when the duck and the badger appeared out of nowhere.

Dr D’Spaire said goodbye to the man from the gas board, and was puzzled as to why they had appeared as there was no leak to be found.

But there were other things on his mind; he still needed Bingo’s books of code words to complete his work and those damned women up at the manor were thwarting him-but he had a secret weapon in a hidden room in the asylum.

“Go on Gangee, we can take it!” said Bunty fortified by Pimms.

“Yes,” said Lola over her cocktail, “after the things we’ve been through, we are made of very stern stuff!”

Gangee handed Bunty the list.


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