Sheik It All About

The next day they decided that Gangee would be his own aunt.They dressed him in one of Bingo’s dressing up outfits as an Arabian Sheik and sent him off in one of the estate’s flamboyant Rolls Royce’s.

Bunty and Lola busied  themselves cataloguing the items in the folly with the help of Mr Dorking.

“I say Bunty,” said Lola, “do you think that this stuff belongs to me now that I’ve inherited the estate?”

“Lola, you can’t keep this it’s been plundered from across the world, it belongs in a museum.” said Bunty.

“It so happens that I own a museum!” said Lola sniffily

“Lola, you never fail to amaze me!” said Bunty, “But we are missing something I think; these are not just random objects, there has to be a link between them somehow, Bingo wasn’t a fool and he had Professor Wood helping him.”

“Oh I just remembered,” said Lola, “we sent him to the attic, I wonder if he’s alright after the fire, maybe we should check, he’ll be useful if he’s still alive.”

Bunty sent Mr Dorking to sniff out Professor Wood whilst they continued to itemise the antiquities.

As they drew further into the folly and began to descend they saw a chink of light in the wall at the rear of the chamber where Professor Wood had been held all those years.

“Lola, did you fetch the torch?” asked Bunty.

“No, I told you to bring it!” said Lola.

“Never mind, can I have your cigarette lighter for a moment?” Bunty took the lighter, struck a flame and held it to the chink where it immediately blew out.

“Bunty!” said Lola, “Do you remember all that guff that the Proff. went on about when we found that secret network of tunnels at Ricketts?”

“That’s what I was thinking!” said Bunty, “This must lead somewhere! Now all we need is a pick axe, a wheel barrow, a couple of silk scarves, a canary and some rope!”

“A canary?” asked Lola.

“Poison gas booby traps! Bingo was a sort!” said Bunty.

“Maybe there’s an ancient curse!” said Lola “What do we do then, sprinkle it with hundreds and thousands and dance a little jig?”

“Don’t be silly Lola, we have never come across an ancient curse!” huffed Bunty.

“Yet!” said Lola ominously.

Gangee arrived in style at Appen Asylum and was greeted with deference by Dr D’Spaire.

The Indian manservant played his part with aplomb and demanded to see every nook and cranny of the building before consenting to have his mad aunt committed there.

He insisted on examining the menu which he thought was a bit bland and needed a pinch of Cardamom.

D’Spaire stopped at the basement and asked Gangee or Sheik It All About as he called himself, if he had ever heard of an inmate called Dr Hereward Lictor, a fearsome cannibal who resided there.

He seemed to be trying to elicit a response from Gangee, as if he was about to show him a vicious pet snake in a cage.


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