When a plan comes together

Bunty looked a little embarrassed at being seen dressed as a bishop but it wasn’t the sort of thing that would throw Lola.

“How are you feeling?” asked Bunty removing the bishop like paraphernalia.

“I have felt better” croaked Lola. even her kippered lungs had taken a battering and she left a trail of smoke where ever she went.

Mrs Damson came in clucking like a mother hen.

“For god sake stop making that noise and get me a drink or seven” said Lola.

Mrs Damson stopped clucking and went out in search of gin. “Don’t be mean Lola she only wants to look after you. It’s probably as a result of programming” said Bunty with some insight.

“Yes, I expect you are right. Miss Honeycake or whoever she really is must have made her our minder. I wonder if Gangee is one too?”

“No, he has been with us forever, I can’t believe it” Bunty shook her head but did wonder.

“Bunty, you do realise our month here runs out tomorrow and we can go home. I must say I hanker after my little flat and would like some sense of order in my life for a day or two. My hair is singed on one side and I haven’t been to my beautician for my injections for ages and lines are appearing to mar my spectacular beauty!” said Lola as she peered in a hand mirror.

“I can’t wait to see Ricketts and pat Branwell too Lola but while we are here we must get to the bottom of these code words. We will be at the mercy of them untill we deprogram ourselves.”

“What do you think then?” said Lola now supplied with a quart of gin and a miniature tonic and was happily pouring out a stiffener.

“What do you say to one last visit to the Doctor at the Asylum, we have the code words but we need to know how to undo everything and not have him manipulate us at the same time.” Bunty strode up and down taking the occasional swig of amontillado, she continued

“We could take Gangee with us. He has never done anything against us Lola, he would be our safety blanket.”

Lola pondered and after the second gin agreed, it wasn’t good wondering if some spy type would have the code words and use them to turn the pair of them into some sort of nuclear fusion of chaos.

“Very well, I vote before we leave we lock all of them in the Asylum and torch the place!” she swilled her glass and downed it one.

Bunty was not as hard-hearted as Lola and reasoned that their may be people trapped in there that didn’t deserve to be and should be released. Lola at last agreed that they come up with a plan to see who was still resident in the asylum. It was decided that Gangee would go up there and say he had a mad aunt who needed putting away and he would inherit a huge sum so how about no questions asked and he would give the asylum a cut.

“So he is shown around and will be able to clock how many there are?” said Bunty.

“It’s not much of a plan Bunty but it will have to do toss you for who is going to be the mad aunt!”


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