A lucky escape

Miss Honeycake had come round, she didn’t make any noise though because the fireman who was giving her mouth to mouth was really handsome and she was enjoying herself. Being strangled is par for the course when you are an international spy but Lola’s death grip had been more than she could resist. When she responded with a bit of tongue the fireman drew back abruptly.

“Ergh, she is coming round, she should be fine but best to get her checked out.”

Gangee sat on the basket, I will take this down Miss Bunty and put it in the car.

“Yes Gangee, good thinking.” Bunty was exhausted and explaining why her friend was curled up in a large washing basket while her bedroom was engulfed in flames was too much to bear.

Miss Honeycake was put complaining onto a stretcher and waited for  transport to the hospital.

“Bunty, you must know I meant you both no harm, you were both too valuable to be terminated!”

Bunty didn’t know quite what to believe, Miss Homeycake had saved them both on several occasions it was true but they had both been manipulated and it wasn’t nice!

An ambulance appeared and two burly looking ambulance men swiftly strapped Miss Honeycake down and shoved her in the ambulance and drove away. The Firemen left after making sure all incendiary devices were removed. It seemed, according to the fire chief that Lola’s bedroom was ‘a disaster waiting to happen’ the large collection of gin bottles stacked in the tall boy and hundreds of cigarettes, a bale of old shag and several badly leaking cigarette lighters strewn across a feather boa had been deduced as they shoveled debris from the room.

“I’ve taken the liberty of removing the remaining gin bottles” said the fire Chief. He didn’t notice the wicker basket jump at that statement and Gangee had a hard time preventing the lid from coming off.

“What’s in that” said the Fire Chief

“Some poor frightened kittens” Bunty said swiftly. “Gangee, take them downstairs and make sure they are put somewhere safe.”

Gangee struggled down the stairs and took the basket to the Daimler waiting on the drive.

“Hush Miss Lola” he said soothingly “I have supplies in the car”

The badgers had taken refuge in Bunty’s room and were having a wonderful time hunting out all the cake supplies she had hidden. By the time she and Mrs Damson had closed the door on the emergency services the burning smell still lingered in the air. What with the fire and Bunty blasting holes in her room most of the east wing was unlivable.

Mrs Damson made up the rooms on the other side of the manor. These were not so amusing and harked back to Bingo’s time as a bishop. Bunty bagged the side street to Damascus room and waited for Gangee to escort Lola back from the car. It was not easy, she had slid into the back seat and opened the picnic hamper, discarding the dainty sandwiches and poured all the little miniatures of alcohol into a tumbler and downed it in one.

Her hands hurt, she couldn’t remember why but after several mouthfuls and a drag or two at Bunty’s pipe liberally stuffed with her special blend of salty sea shag baccy she began to feel what passed for human again. She stumbled back into the house and found Bunty waving an Episcopal cope about and thundering in an attempt at some possessed Evangelist.

“Good God Bunty, You look just like Bingo” she croaked.


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