To the rescue!

Bunty yelled and tried in vain to enter the room. Mrs Damson left Miss Honeycake and ran upstairs to where Bunty was desperately searching for water to extinguish the flames.

Mrs Damson ran to the ancient roll of hose pipe clamped to the wall which had been installed after Bingo had a small fire in the burning of Atlanta wing.

“Quickly Mrs D we must rescue Lola!

Mrs Damson turned on the water supply and Bunty braced herself as she felt the surge of water racing through the hose pipe. It had some holes in it but at least it gave them a chance to put out the flames.

The smell of smoke permeated over the downs and the badgers who were out rootling for worms lifted their snouts and smelt the acrid aroma. They knew it was bad and as one hurried to the manor.

Bunty played the hose over the doorway and handed it to Mrs Damson.

“I’m going in!” she grabbed an old blanket and doused it with water while Mrs Damson sprayed she attempted to search the bedroom. It was full of smoke and she lost her bearings, she daren’t shout for Lola as she would have breathed in smoke. The room she was in was large and Bunty desperately scrambled around for signs of Lola. She felt rumbling beneath her feet and thought the structure of the room was under threat of collapse and then something furry brushed past her and she realised the badgers had somehow come to help.

Downstairs Miss Honeycake wrestled with the ropes. Mrs damson had tied them well. Her training in the sea scouts had come in useful. It took more than a sheepshank to keep her tied up for long though and the threat of being burned to death made her quicker.

“The hallucinations must be kicking in ” she thought. “I must get to them and use the counter words or else it won’t just be the manor that goes up in smoke!”

Bunty and Lola were not to know the consequences of their meeting up again. “It may be too late to put it all right,” Miss Honeycake felt a pang of guilt, she thought it was indigestion at first and realised it was not something an anti acid could put right.

She undid the last of her bonds and telephoned the fire station. Luckily they had already been alerted and were even now heading towards the manor.

Upstairs the badgers had located Lola and were dragging her out, they avoided the worst of the smoke being low to the floor and Bunty made out in the swirling black smoke  a charred figure being inched along. She threw the blanket over Lola and dragged with her full force. At last they escaped the room the badgers, all black with soot and Lola, still clutching her flask slumped, her hair and clothes singed.

“My poor mistress” wailed Mrs Damson She shook Lola willing her to open her eyes but it didn’t look good.

“Stand aside,” said Miss Honeycake appearing upstairs.

she swiftly checked for signs of breathing and then tried to resuscitate her.

Bunty picked herself up, still coughing and barked at Miss Honeycake to “Damn well do something” 

“I’m trying Bunty really I am, I think it is too late” she gasped.


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