The Honeycake Code.

Despite being tired, Lola and Bunty spent a restless night; fortunately Lola had a flask of ready mixed Gin and Tonic hidden under the bed and another containing ice. Bunty cracked open her emergency Caraway seed cake as she needed to think.

Little did the ladies realise that once the code words had been unleashed they began an unstoppable chain of events and could only be stopped if the corresponding opposite code word were used.

Part of the experiment that had taken place in the Russian mountain camp had been sleep deprivation and using the substances that Lola and Bunty had most relied on to cause hallucinogenic effects by forcing them to indulge through excess.

Lola looked at her cigarette case, she had smoked fifty cigarettes in an hour which was a lot even for her.

She could see mist coming from the bottom of the bed, which swirled into a form that she recognised.

“Vlad? Vlad can that really be you? I thought that you had died!” she cried.

“I am the undead, my love, come to my embrace and we will be together forever!” said Vlad.

Bunty had eaten the Caraway seed cake, but was still hungry.

“Why one emergency cake is usually sufficient.” she said, hunting for the catastrophe cheese cake that she had secreted in the tall boy, when she heard a voice from behind her.

“Bunty, it’s me the Major, I’ve come back!” she turned slowly and screamed as she saw the mangled form of the Major wearing her best tweed, with blood gushing out of his wounds.

“Vlad my darling!” cried Lola, unaware that the room was a blaze caused by an over flowing ash tray which had ignited the bed and now the curtains.

She fell into his literally smoldering embrace oblivious of the flames licking at the hem of her negligee.

Bunty dived for the shot-gun under the bed and fired a round at the spectral Major, blasting holes into the wall.

The commotion roused Mrs Damson, who had dozed off whilst guarding Miss Honeycake; but she was torn-Miss Lola had told her to watch the strange lady tied to the chair all night, but on the other hand the ladies might be in trouble; what on earth was she to do?

Lola, smelt something burning-it was the entire room and her negligee-Vlad had disappeared and she was trapped. She looked at the flask of Gin and Tonic and hesitated.

Bunty reloaded the shot-gun and began to fire another round at the Major-but he had gone! She looked at the devastation around her, then smelt burning.

“Lola!” she cried, racing for her room, but when she got to the door, the heat was so intense that she could not get near it; fortunately she still had the shot-gun.

“Lola, stand back!” she cried, “Lola, Lola can you hear me?”

There was silence from the other side as Lola lay unconscious on the floor ironically overcome by smoke inhalation; she had the flask of Gin and Tonic gripped in her hand.


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