Bound and Gagged

The Dorking clan trooped back to their set, and Lola surveyed the damage.

“I don’t know about you Bunty but prohibition has ended, I need a drink after all this! Fetch the gin Mrs Damson!” she said.

“You go ahead, ” said Bunty, “but then we have to decide what to do with her.” she nodded at Miss Honeycake tied to the chair.”

Lola picked up her drink and slumped on a sofa, lighting yet another cigarette.

“Well, now that Max has gone there’s a spare cell at the asylum,” she said, “or we could hand her over to the authorities.”

“But wouldn’t you like to find out what happened to us in more detail?” asked Bunty, sipping on a much needed glass of sherry.

“Well of course I would, but unless we find a way of controlling her we will never find out; unless she has files on us somewhere!” said Lola.

“That’s it!” cried Bunty “There must have been notes made on us if it was such an important experiment; unless they were destroyed in the war-but even if they haven’t they will be behind the iron curtain unless she had copies made.”

“I have an idea,” said Lola emptying her glass, “those key words of Bingo’s-do you remember how she was swooning all the time and doing strange things at Ricketts in the hols that time? We just thought she was barmy, but what if Bingo had a key word for her and was actually controlling her?”

“That’s possibly stretching things a bit.” said Bunty.

“I don’t think it’s stretching things at all-she was doing the Charleston naked on the billiard table!” said Lola.

“Oh yes, how could I have forgotten that?” asked Bunty.

“That’s rather the point.” said Lola, “Both of us seem to have chunks of our childhood missing.”

“Well, I’m too tired to do anything now.” said Bunty, “Let’s have a fresh start in the morning.”

“I agree, Mrs Damson, stay on watch, and if she so much as moves shoot her full of lead.” said Lola.

Miss Honeycake spent an uncomfortable night bound and gagged, but she had slept for she had been in far worse situations.

After the Russians had become allies with the British she had been in a very tricky situation. The solution was to kidnap the girls, take them to the mountain camp in Russia, and involve herself in the psychic weapon programme, which did not involve spying.

Once the iron curtain descended she was trapped and once again found herself involved in espionage. Life had not treated her well, she had spent the last few years in a gulag after trying to defect back home.

Using her ingenuity she had managed escape eventually and made her way to England. She realised that she had nowhere else to go and hearing through her contacts that the girls had made contact again and had tracked them to Basket Case Manor.

She had no desire to do them any harm but was afraid of the explosive consequences that their reunion might bring about.

It was only when Max had unexpectedly reappeared that all the old grievances had come to the surface.

She had informed him of her plans but had no idea that his state of mind had deteriorated so much.

Now she realised that she was too late to stop the turn of events that would inevitably take place.


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