Cake mix

Luckily Bunty had still got her travel cakes secreted in a compartment in one of her trunks. She undid the wrappings on the 10lb lemon drizzle deluxe. She sighed it really was a beauty; still it was an emergency.

She took it downstairs and placed it reverently on the table. She sliced a large wedge to give to Miss Honeycake.

“It’s a 16 lemoner ” she hissed in Miss Honeycakes ear,

It seemed to do the trick, one eye fluttered open and a hand grabbed at the plate. With the other she broke off a large piece and put it in her mouth.

Bunty, who knew the healing power of cake waited for the impact.

In a matter of minutes  Miss Honeycake was sitting bolt upright and at last opened her mouth to talk.

She beckoned them to her so she could whisper. Bunty and Lola edged forward hoping she would tell them what had happened to her.

“It..It’s Not fattening its fruit..” she fell back in her chair, still chewing and staring at the ceiling.

“More tea and make it strong” demanded Bunty, I’ve seen this before when I was out East with the Major, little turd” she added with venom.

Lola raised her eyebrows, the love story that was Bunty and the Major is yet to be told she thought.

“When the memsahibs go into a trance like state induced by the climate and johnny foreigner religions they take up through boredom they have to be kick started with a blast of the home country.”

“And cake is that blast then?” queried Lola “I would have thought a nice G & T would do the trick”

“No it doesn’t, not with the sort of women I know about anyway!” snapped Bunty.

“I’ll ring for more tea then” huffed Lola she wasn’t used to Bunty being snappy and domineering.

Max had undergone some treatment, Mr Dorkings had exercised his basic dentistry and given Max very white teeth, but they were pointed. Filing had taken some time and Dorkings was a little tired and when he was satisfied he had driven Max mad with the pain he opened the gates and pointed him in the direction of basketcase manor.

“See there Max” he pointed at the light glowing in the darkness,. “That is where they live, go and show them how cross you are” laughing quietly Dorkings closed the gate and shuffled back into his cell. He took out a book and started to make notes, writing over the novel ‘Wuthering Heights’.

Max stumbled across the moor, the beacon of light beckoning, taunting. Why was he reduced to this, he had been the suave debonair man about town only weeks ago. He had his dark side, oh yes he had that all right, I’ll show them my dark side…

Miss Honeycake had eaten most of the Lemon Drizzle, taken a bite out of an Eccles cake and spat out a rogue piece of ryvita that Lola had found in the kitchen.

“No, no, you will do untold harm giving her anything low-fat you idiot” Bunty was really getting on her nerves.

After substituting the tea for extra strong breakfast wakey wakey tea she finally started to talk and making sense which was more important.

“I have been travelling across Europe for some months, Pierre my bit of French stayed with me for some of it but once we were behind the iron curtain it got rather sticky” she sipped her tea and wrapped the rugs around her.

“It was when we had managed to infiltrate a cell of agents that life became very dangerous” she continued and then Mrs Damson came into the room to say a funny looking man with spiky teeth was asking to come in and was he a friend of the other dishevelled person that was sitting on the sofa?”

“Oh yes and his name is Max”


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