“You are quite right Lola can’t be too careful” said Bunty tapping her nose knowingly. They arrived back at basketcase manor and Mr Dorkings trotted happily into the library and settled down by the fireplace. Bunty made a phone call to Gangee and after some minutes she came back to join Lola and the badger. Lola was reclining along the Chesterfield and blowing smoke rings at Mr Dorkings who tried to bite them.

“Gangee is going to come back up and ‘do’ for us while we wait out the month as decreed by Bingo.” said Bunty sitting heavily in a chair. “I suppose we should go shopping in the morning, there is the local village only a few miles down the road and supplies are getting a little low.”

Lola lifted her head and said “I hope we have sufficient Gin, I can’t function without Gin.”

“or cigarettes,” added Bunty.

“Yes and cigarettes, decent conservation, a hot-blooded tango dancer, new shoes, matching handbags and some flea spray for Mr Dorkings” she added slapping her hand against her leg.

Mr Dorkings looked embarrassed, well as embarrassed as a badger can look.

“Hmm, better get pen and pencil then” said Bunty. She got up and opened a few drawers in the library table. She found a worn down stump of a pencil and a piece of paper and started writing down their shopping list.

While Bunty was adding cakes to the list Lola examined Mr Dorkings and found the bugging device hidden in the folds of his fur. She removed the device and snapped it in two.

“Right, all clear Bunty, put the pencil down and come and look at this list of words I have decoded. Bingo used different words for each patient so I had to work out who they were first; which is why the portraits were so useful. The numbers were underneath. For example, Mr Dorkings is patient 009. His code turns out is Honeycake”

“Dear old Honeycake” said Bunty “I wonder where she is now?”

“Last I heard she was training the Foreign Legion in sand combat”

“Pity we didn’t get the chance to try it on old Dorkings, I reckon you have put his recovery back ten years with your antics today.” Bunty responded.

She patted Mr Dorkings and fed him some left over cheese sandwich, If only you could talk Dorky?” she chucked him under the chin and started giggling

“Remember, that was what Miss Lovely called him, mad old crow!”

“I remember I nearly wet myself when she fell in the moat”.

They continued reminiscing on their school days and cracked open a bottle of  crusted port they found at the back of the cupboard.

“Tomorrow we shall have Gangee to look after the domestic side and we can concentrate on trying out the code words on the patients. I have an idea we should get a megaphone and shout the code words over the wall, imagine the chaos!”

“We still need to find Mrs damson, she is one of his patients but I didn’t see her inside the asylum?” said Bunty

Three hours and several odd bottles of creme de menthe, sherry and Calvados they decided to call it a night and zigzagged up the stairs. Bunty staggered into the Baby Jane room and Lola to the Judy Garland bedroom.

“Bunty is very noisy” thought Lola, she could hear the sound of furniture being dragged about and put her head out of the door to shout down the corridor to jolly well put a sock in it and was surprised to see Bunty doing the same,

“If it’s not you making that row” Bunters slurred Lola “who the hell is it?”


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