costume jewellery

“Roger and his troupe, jewel thieves, I can’t believe it” said Bunty. “No wonder you were so uppity about the costumes” she added.

“proof enough Bunty,  inspector Plodding has them all in the back of a black maria” Lola stood by the front door as the sounds of close part harmony drifted through the night air.

“I can’t help thinking they enjoyed their parts in the troupe more than the stealing of any jewels” said Bunty waving at the back of the departing vehicle.

“We might be able to get Mrs Damson out of the nut farm, she was always a very good housekeeper”

“Apart from when she is trying to kill me by hurling bits of furniture at me you mean” said Bunty remembering her first encounter with the ever so slightly mad Mrs Damson.

Lola and Bunty debated the merits of Mrs Damson as they sat in the dressing up room carefully unpicking hems and searching for gems.

Some garments had quite a hoard concealed in various folds and seams, others had only lead weights. By the end of the evening Lola had quite a pile. The diamonds glittered and were on the large and ostentatious side which suited Lola down to the ground.

“what should we do with these” Bunty said “Do need to keep them safe and I am assuming you don’t want to put them in the bank or anywhere where questions would be asked?”

Lola was busy draping them around her, “You assume correctly Bunty, I shall give it some thought.

“Shall we explore this house further? there is still the whole of the west wing yet. I particularly want to go up to the attic, Bingo always said it was his favourite place in the house; but he never said why.” Bunty stood up and straightened her second best tweed skirt.

Lola scooped up the jewels and put them in a bag and clutched them tightly.

“Very well Bunty, and tomorrow we shall pay the Doctor a visit at the Asylum, I shall take Hereward some victuals as a reward, I feel sorry for him and I know I have a weakness for the homicidal maniac but I can’t help it. I will get the doctor to release Mrs Damson as well, it might have escaped you but with Mrs Housekeeper gone there is no one to cook for us.” Lola sighed

“I think I can rustle us up something for the moment, the dinner was sadly interrupted but they don’t call me ‘Bunty the brekkie queen’ for nothing” Bunty said wagging her finger in an annoying way at Lola

“More like ‘Bunty the bilious queen’ Lola suggested



They continued happily in this manner as they decided to leave the attic until the next day, mainly due to the fact it was dark and they couldn’t find the light switches. The kitchen was lit up and Bunty hunted out pans,  fished in the cavernous fridge for suitable food and dragged out half a side of venison, a large jelly with bananas in, a bowl full of pigs trotters and some dainty sandwiches cut into triangles.

Lola carefully selected one with thinly sliced cucumbers and nibbled the corners off. Bunty shrieked “Eureka” and found in a tin a huge lemon drizzle cake and some pork pies. She looked at the bananas and said to Bunty

“Don’t you always think of Miss Honeycake when you see bananas?” They looked at them and giggled.

“That will do nicely ”  said Bunty and cut a wedge of cake and put it on a plate.

“Tea, old girl?” she enquired

For the rest of that eventful evening they sat at the old wooden kitchen table chatting amicably and when hunger had been assuaged they retired to their rooms and neither of them heard the scuffling noises coming from the attic. That would wait until the morrow.


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