Trouping with colour

Bunty, Lola and Roger managed to tie Hereward to a trolley. He was obligingly whimpering at the image of Roger dressed still in his over large school girl outfit. In the distance the alarms could be heard coming from the asylum. 

“Phone the police Bunty, we need to get him back into his cell. Goodness knows how he escaped, and what’s more how did he know we were here?”

They redoubled the tethers, Hereward was not to be trusted and Roger found some chains in one of the rooms off Bingo’s sumptuous bedroom.

“He always had a penchant for a bit of bondage now and again” said Roger as he lashed the chains around the trolley.

There was a commotion outside and Roger peaked through the shutters and twittered “The boys are here, what a hoot we will have now girls!” he opened the front door and a motley collection of ‘boys’ came prancing in. 

“Roger, darling where have you been, we had such larks at the inn, the locals just didn’t know where to look!” said one 

“I saw you eyeing up that blacksmith you bitch” said another

They glanced at Hereward who was lying on the trolley, trussed like a turkey.

“Sorry ladies, were we interrupting something?” said the first.

“No,” said Bunty ” we were just rounding up an escaped madman”

Mrs Housekeeper came in behind the rest of the troupe and saw Hereward recaptured. She averted his baleful gaze and slipped downstairs to the kitchens.

Several Policemen arrived, accompanied by men in white coats clutching large syringes which they plunged into Hereward rendering him unconscious.

Bunty and Lola watched them load him into the back of the Appen Asylum away day van. One of the men in white coats thanked them and seemed very relieved to have got him back. There was a messy business to clean up back at the Asylum with the decapitated warder. It wouldn’t look good on the brochures.

“That was a close one Bunty,  I think I could do with a drink, a large one” said Lola

“OOH yes” said Roger “It’s cocktail time”

Several hours later the troupe, Lola and Bunty had worked their way through Bingo’s ‘Cocktails for the Clergy” pamphlet and had wound up with a ‘Cardinal’s cococabanana’ that packed quite a punch. Lola and Bunty joined the troupe for a conga around the house which seemed a fitting tribute to Bingo.

As they lay sprawled on the sofas Lola still had that nagging feeling that something didn’t add up. 

“But how did Hereward know we were here” she repeated. “Someone passed that information on”

Look, Lola we will get to the bottom of this, and did you notice that the Doctor didn’t come out? We need to sit on him and look at those pictures again, the trigger words might come to us if we concentrate on it a bit more so no more ‘Rumpy Revs’ for you, I always draw a line at ten cocktails; particularly as we haven’t had Dinner yet. 

Mrs Housekeeper appeared at the door of the sitting room, ” I have taken the liberty of preparing extra guest rooms Madam, and Dinner is served.” she stomped out.

“She will have to go,” said Lola, “Pity we couldn’t get old Mrs Damson back”


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