Schoolgirl pranks

Lola was still in a mood, she had gone to the Library to look at Bingo’s collection of scrap books. He had lots of interesting pictures of the night club, Chez Pastiche he had performed in, . The grainy pictures spanned many years and amongst the images of seedy patrons and artistes she saw a few people she recognised, one was Mrs Damson who appeared to be one of the chorus girls in a troupe called “The Ladderbacks” they seemed to do a routine with scaffolding. One more worrying was a face in the crowd that stared insolently at the camera, it was definitely Hereward! So Bingo had known him for many years. This was interesting and she must show the album to Bunty at once. Her bad mood had disappeared, this was important.

Bunty had meanwhile gone in search of Roger who was sniffing loudly as he was removing his celtic costume. He saw Bunty, “Your friend is not very nice I must say”  he folded carefully the green and black outfit and stroked the satin waistcoat, it was embroidered in an intricate pattern, not unlike fairisle as it happened. 

“You must forgive her,” Bunty said soothingly, “we have had quite a trying time these past few weeks”

Roger stopped sniffing and told Bunty that the rest of his troupe were preparing to do a ‘turn’ at the local Inn and would she like to see it this evening?

“That would be very entertaining, I’ll ask Lola; how many are there in your troupe and what sort of things do you do?”

She thought something like this might lift Lola’s black mood. Just then she heard Lola shouting her, “now’s my chance” she said to Roger, “I’ll give you a shout”

Roger went back to the wardrobes in the dressing up room and Bunty could hear him humming show tunes and squealing as he found yet more costume ‘gold’.

“Bunty, look at these pictures, sometimes I think we are in a bizarre story! There are so many people Bingo knew that we have come across, and most of them seem to want to kill us,”

Lola spread the scrap-book open and as they turned the pages one by one characters from their past jumped into view.

“Hereward, look there,” Lola pointed her red talons at his evil features and turned to Bunty who had not said anything. She had seen another face, a younger version but yes this was a turn up for the books!

Lola looked at the face that had so transfixed Bunty and at first couldn’t see who it was. Then it hit her – the creature!

“She looks almost human, still the ginger hair and the mean look and she is standing all hunched but it is definitely her!” 

While they were looking through the album Hereward had made his way up from the basement, he had a little time before the alarm would be sounded and he knew he would finish the job he started years ago. He might be a homicidal maniac but he wasn’t sloppy and it rankled that he hadn’t finished it. The others in the asylum often passed comment that he had been caught by two school girls and he had spent the years in the asylum seething. It had given him terrible heartburn and a facial tic. The sight of a school uniform made him sweat unbearably and he chewed on a leather strap to regain control of his emotions.

“Now you will feel the wrath of Hereward” he muttered as he crept through the house.

Roger had finally, finally with great delight found the perfect outfit for the evening. The rest of the troupe would be so Jealous! “I shall be in role” he thought gleefully as he threw his leg over the banister and slid down at a speed he found rather exhilarating .

As the banisters curled around towards the bottom he let out a yell causing Bunty and Lola to come out of the library and look up the stairs.

 As Roger flew off the banister he landed on a startled Hereward who had come up from the back stairs. He saw Roger dressed in a schoolgirl outfit with wired plaits sticking out from beneath a straw boater come flying towards him and  he froze in horror allowing Roger to flatten him. 

“Good shot, Roger!” said Bunty “


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