Friends of Dorothy

“Don’t you think it’s odd that a good number of people we have come across have ended up in an asylum. If I was a sensitive soul I think I would be worried” Bunty was viewing again the motley collection of patients.

“Luckily we Tuff-Muffins have never been accused of being sensitive” said Bunty eyeballing the picture of Hereward while chewing on a pork pie.

“Lola was remembering the hypnotizing Hereward and wondered if he was still alive. He had quite an impact on her and from the papers Bunty had seemed to suggest that Uncle Silas might have had a connection with him.

”Did you here something” said Bunty as she licked the jelly bits of the pork pie off her fingers

“Yes, sounded like one of the servants laughing, I’ll have them sacked tomorrow” Lola walked towards the door.

“There is only Mrs Housekeeper who lives in Lola, she doesn’t look like the laughing type”

They decided to check, downstairs it seemed quiet but they heard low voices in the servant quarters and followed the sound. Along the corridor as they got nearer to the noises they heard a scratchy record being played and a falsetto voice singing. They approached a door, it was stained and in need of a coat of paint. 

Lola grasped the door handle and they walked in; Mrs Housekeeper was sitting in an old rocking chair watching a man cavorting to the music. He was wearing evening dress with a pink bow tie and was singing along to some Noel Coward songs. Mrs Housekeeper was transformed, smiling for once and clapping along.

As Lola and Bunty entered he stopped and looked at them, very displeased his performance had been interrupted.

“OOH, you startled me you naughty girls!”

“Who are you and why are you in my house?” Lola responded.

“I was a friend of dear Bingo’s ” he sniffed and drew out of his top pocket a crisply laundered handkerchief and noisily blew his nose. “My friends and I would often stop by when we were passing this way and he always made us welcome” He loved the little shows we put on and he used to join in. His little Betty routine was the talk of the town lovey”.

“yes we have witnessed his routine”, said Bunty who remembered how Bingo had been cavorting in Chez Pastiche and she had spanked him so hard he limped for a week. She looked a little embarrassed.

“He was good wasn’t he” the man added earnestly.

“Who are you, and where are the ‘others’ you mentioned” said Lola

“They will be here soon, just in the village , repairing the van.” 

He went on to explain that he was part of a traveling theatre group called The Chester Cheerios, ‘giggles, gussets, and a gay old time.”

“Typical Uncle Bingo” guffawed Bunty, “Lola I think I have found a home for his clothes”

Roger, for that was his name shrieked “His outfits! show me the way sweeties I MUST have first pick, otherwise Dave the dyke will bag the best”!

“Lead the way!” 

Mrs Housekeeper was sincerely put out, she was having a lovely time when the awful Miss Gefiltre came in. “Time to make a call to the Doctor she thought.


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